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Instructions on how to install compress BNC connectors
onto CAMSET cables
The article provides instructions on how to prepare the most often used CCTV cable CAMSET M6000 and install professional compression BNC connector E8293.
New series of HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DVRs for analog cameras
Hikvision/Ultimax DVRs belong to the newest generation of digital video recorders for analog video surveillance systems. They have been designed on the basis of thorough knowledge and experience in CCTV technology of DIPOL and HIKVISION companies. More than 20 years of experience in contact with customers, remarks of the installers and users of our products, resulted in the creation of innovative products able to meet the most demanding requirements. With the introduction of the Ultimax line, we can offer devices that are better tailored to the customer's requirements than standard versions ...
Online cameras - check out our equipment!
In order everyone could check out a number of devices we offer in real environment, we installed at DIPOL headquarters a hybrid CCTV system with 4 cameras (two IP and two analog), connected to one NVR and one DVR. The video from the cameras is available via the Internet. Internet users can also log on to the video recorders.
Quick DDNS configuration for Hikvision devices
Hikvision provides DDNS service for its products (e.g. DVRs), allowing customers to use their equipment anywhere in the world, even if they do not have a static external IP address.
Network applications for security systems and remote monitoring: iVMS4000, NVR Server, Stream Media Server - powerful and free
iVMS4000 is the flagship application intended, among other things, to conduct live video surveillance, remote system configuration, remote playback, event and alarm handling. Using the network, it supports all the local functions and ads a set of additional features.
DVRs of the world's leader - HIKVISION/ULTIMAX
Hikvision/Ultimax digital video recorders (DVRs) belong to the latest generation of CCTV recording equipment. They have been designed based on extensive knowledge of CCTV technology possessed by DIPOL and HIKVISION companies. 20 years of experience and contacts with customers, remarks of installers and users of the equipment - have resulted in the creation of innovative products able to perform the most demanding tasks.