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Photo Contest

Engagingly about Antennas - 16th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2017
As every year, we wait for your pictures with a leitmotiv of antennas of any kind and shape. We also appreciate photographs in which an antenna is an interesting accent in the landscape or an eye-catching element of the composition. We encourage you to seek antennas in your environment and any place you visit. The works will be judged by a well known photographer and designer from Krakow, Mr. Pawel Zechenter. Additional distinctions will be awarded by our Marketing Department.
How to take part in the Contest?
  • Each Participant may submit a maximum of 3 pictures.
  • Any picture must be in .jpg format, min. size of 1600 x 1200 pixels.
  • The Works should be sent to
  • Subject: "DIPOL Photo Contest", Body: Title(s) of the Work(s), Name & Surname of the Author, An optional comment on the picture/s.
  • The Works can be submitted from June 1, 2017 to September 24, 2017.
  • The results of the Contest will be announced in DIPOL Weekly Review and in DIPOL's profile on Facebook on October 9, 2017. The winners will also be notified by emails.
  • Submitting photos to the contest is tantamount to the acceptance of The rules of the Contest. Please read the rules before submitting your work.
  • The winner of the first prize will receive Polaroid SNAP instant digital camera.
  • The winners of the 2nd and 3rd prize will receive HTC RE camera.
  • The authors of pictures honored by our Marketing Department will get DIPOL mugs.
Photos submitted for this year's photo contest
(most captions are free translations into English, the original ones are in quotes)
Northern Norway
Krzysztof Kosiorek
V-Sat - school in Lipa
astronomical observatory
Marcin Kedzia
V-Sat - signal search
Gray walls, copper doors
and white satellite dishes
Oskar Baranski
Concrete sketches
Oskar Baranski
A tower
Dariusz Dyr
Tower antennas
High art
Monika Gawrysiak
In the space
Yevhen Haloshyn
At sunrise
Malgorzata Szymanska
Antennas in Croatia
Martyna Sypek
Antennas in Croatia
Martyna Sypek
Reaching clouds
Ewa Niwczyk
Antennas in my backyard
Jacek Czyzkowski
Wiktor Sztych
Wieczysta housing
development in Krakow
Wanda Sobolewska
Jakub Biewald
Antenna of a high flight
Piotr Chechelski
A witness of history
Sebastian Skwarek
Antennas at night,
behind my window
Anna Znajomska
Marek Piwnicki
New Zealand
Listening to the Baltic Sea
Andrzej J. Malczewski
A new heart...
Bartosz Malina
A new heart...
Bartosz Malina
Agnieszka Forys
Artur Stasiak
On Sleza Mount
Mateusz Wiecek
Holy Cross tower
Agnieszka Pajurska
In the morning
Hanna Jarosz
Antennas in the skies
Krzysztof Chojnacki
Antennas in the skies
Krzysztof Chojnacki
To aim high
Patrycja Łuba
On the way to the top
Patrycja Łuba
Radiolocation antenna
in port of Kołobrzeg
Mateusz Hachorkiewicz
Green flash
beyond the tower
Witold Ochal
Over the roofs
Robert Olender
Marcin Nowak
Marcin Nowak
In Iceland, on another planet
Ewa Jermakowicz
Kazimierz Panszczyk
Gliwice station
Aleksandra Kuzminska
Poznan - Piatkowo
Maciej Andersz
Closer to the world
Remigiusz Ogonowski
Dominika Szymanek
Hamburg TV tower
Wojciech Kolata
"Iarna grea,
antenele rezista"
"Unii planteaza flori
primavara, altii antene"
Armand Daniel
At right angles
Malgorzata Stepko
The power of nature
Aleksandra Siekierka
Aleksandra Siekierka
Antennas of Duga-2 radar
Daniel Piatek
Anchorage in the stream of time
Krzysztof Satkiewicz
Damian Szewc
Metal trees
Kamil Pisarski
Metal trees
Kamil Pisarski
A traumatized dish
Danielski Krzysztof
Radio link on a CHP chimney
Mateusz Sosnicki
"Gozd" NMT tower
Mateusz Sosnicki
An oldschool antenna
Patryk Marcinkowski
The Sejm
Above clouds
Lukasz Kaminski
On the top of CHP Pruszkow
Antenna at sunset
In a city
Kamila Wierzbicka
A forgotten dish
Patrycja Mola
Anna Krzyzak
Cristian Serna
Cristian Serna
Grzegorz Wasik
Grzegorz Wasik
The violet, children and Tower
The television tower in Prague
Magdalena Kaminska
Prague - the TV tower
behind a tree
"Gödöllő Microwave Station"
Gáll Árpád
"Over Sopron"
Agnieszka Poplonik Ksiazek
Observation point in Mrzezyno
Marta Halemba-Wolodzko
Antenna at sunset
Krzysztof Trawinski
My antenna
Jacek Dzialdowski
Radio and TV Broadcasting Center
Swiety Krzyz
Tomasz Kedzior
Radio and TV Broadcasting Station
Tomasz Kedzior
Antennas in Bielsko-Biala
Weronika Dabrowska
Antennas in Bielsko-Biala
Weronika Dabrowska
Cat ladder
Sandra Jargilo
Palm tree BTS in Morocco
Telecommunication tower in Sarajevo
Rafal Babczyszyn
Telecommunication tower in Sarajevo
Rafal Babczyszyn
At Muscat Festival 2017
Marek Luczak
Malgorzata Zbikowska
Signal in the mist
Lukasz Rogalski
Back home
Krzysztof Wojtowicz
Krzysztof Kamil Wojtanowski
Space station
The tenement antenna
Kamil Roszak
Rural dishes
Kacper Urtnowski
Homestead 1
Homestead 2
Ewelina Dziewonska-Chudy
Homestead 3
Big can do more
Shaft with antenna
Dariusz Magiera
TV Katowice
A dish
Arkadiusz Sztangierski
Antennas in my Wroclaw
Agnieszka Kazimierz
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