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Fusion Splicer EasySplicer (with toolkit)
Code: L5810
Withdrawn from the offer
Fusion Splicer EasySplicer (with toolkit)
Top view of the splicer
Fusion Splicer EasySplicer (with toolkit)
The splicer with the lid open - the view of the working area and electrodes
Fusion Splicer EasySplicer (with toolkit)
View of the fiber holders (black - for 250 μm fibers, red or blue - for 900 μm fibers)
Fusion Splicer EasySplicer (with toolkit)
The included tools: cleaver and stripper (250 μm)
Fusion Splicer EasySplicer (with toolkit)
The included PSU and CD-ROM with user manual
Fusion Splicer EasySplicer (with toolkit)
View of the whole package in its carrying case

  • The offered model has the maximum battery capacity available in the series (3400 mAh - with the current firmware it allows for up to 60 splicing operations)
  • Lifetime of electrodes: ca. 5000 splices
  • Fiber holders included in the kit are made in the latest manufacturer's version - plastic molding ensures repeatability and precision at the manufacturing stage, which translates into lack of operational problems.
  • The included stripper is a universal tool suitable both for 900 μm and 250 μm fibers (the previous version was dedicated only for 250 μm fibers)
EasySplicer L5810 is a Swedish-made fusion splicer, designed for daily use in fiber optic installations. The device allows for quick and precise joining of optical fibers using electric arc. The splices are characterized by high durability and low loss. The splicing device is designed for use in all types of telecommunication installations, cable TV and CCTV systems, and is especially recommended for the installation of FTTH systems. A unique feature of the advanced device is a compact size.
EasySplicer uses a proven method of laying fibers in V-grooves. The precise holders, which keep the previously prepared fibers, are designed in such a way that they eliminate the need of re-positioning of the fibers. The positioning of the fibers in the X-axis (the distance between the fiber ends before the welding process) is performed automatically. This way the device combines the proven positioning technique with ease of use and very attractive price in its category.
Specially developed splice programs allow for joining single-mode and multimode 250 μm and 900 μm tight buffered fibers. A separate program is used for splicing old type OM1 fibers. The built-in camera and color 2.8'' TFT display allow the user to observe the process of aligning and splicing the fiber ends. Before the splicing, the user can verify, among others, whether the fibers are properly prepared (there is no dirt and the cleaving is correct), and, if necessary, can repeat the preparation of the fibers.
The test of the angle of the fiber face can detect whether the difference is above the 1 degree allowable limit. If so, the cleaving has to be repeated. The fully automated splicing of the properly prepared fibers takes only a few seconds. After that, the display shows the estimated loss of the splice (usually ca 0.01 dB for multimode fibers and ca 0.03 dB for single-mode fibers).
The splicer is equipped with heat oven for protecting the splices by heat-shrinkable sleeves with lengths up to 60 mm. The user can freely set the heating time.
The device supports SD card up to 16 GB. The card (installed before switching on the splicer) automatically records information on the splices made (txt file). The information includes: date and time, face angles, offset, splice loss.
The fusion splicer components include:
  • fiber holders (2 pairs)
  • power supply unit
  • fiber cleaver
  • fiber stripper
  • carrying case
To maintain the stove, we recommend to use the L5830 silicone oil.
Some articles on EasySplicer published in the Library and Newsletters:
Splicing method
Electric arc
Fiber positioningAxial: automatic
Radial: V-groove
Splice programs
Single-mode (SMF) fibers,
multimode (MMF) fibers,
multimode OM fiber
Typical splice loss
MMF 0.01 dB
SMF 0.03 dB
Splicing time
7 s + 60 s (typical splice plus sleeve shrinking times)
Number of splices on a single battery charge50 - 60 (depending on the oven heating times); the splicer can be used during battery charging
Lifetime of electrodes
ca. 5000 splices
Display2.8" TFT color
Magnification factor (camera)
Built-in heat oven
Yes, for sleeves up to 60 mm long, diam. 2-5 mm
Power7.4V/3400mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery
100-240 VAC/ 6 VDC 1.25 A power supply unit
Full-charge time
8-9 h
Communicationmini USB port (firmware update)
MemoryInternal 1MB + optional SD card max. 16 GB
Operating environment
Temperature: 0°C ... 45°C
Humidity: RH max. 95% (no condensation)
Storage environment
Temperature: -20°C ... 60°C
Humidity: RH max. 98% (no condensation)
Dimensions230 x 98 x 53 mm
Weight (splicer)0.8 kg
Weight (whole set)
1.95 kg
Withdrawn from the offer
Fusion Splicer EasySplicer (with toolkit)
Code: L5810