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HDMI Extender Signal-HD (Cat 5e, 50m)
Code: H3601
Withdrawn from the offer
Signal-HD HDMI Switcher 2x1
View of the two main units of the extender
Signal-HD HDMI Switcher 2x1
View of the included power supplies and mounting accessories
Signal-HD HDMI extender over CAT5e cable ( H3601) enables the user to connect remote (up to 50m) source of HD content to HD-enabled television/monitor, using one CAT5e/6 cable.
Advantageous features of using H3601 HDMI extender over CAT5e cable:
  • possibility of utilizing ready-to-use structured cabling,
  • cost effectiveness (due to higher cost of HDMI cable and necessity of using HDMI repeater)
  • ease if installation (due to thinner and more flexible cable),
  • low cost of the left cable in the case of temporary installations where the cable cannot be taken away.
Distinguishing features:
  • transmission via a single CAT5e/6 cable,
  • transmission speed up to 1.65 Gb/s,
  • support for 1080p,
  • maximum range (CAT5e) up to 50m.
The set is perfect for connecting remote (up to 50 m) HD source like sat receiver, Blu-ray player, PC, game console etc. to HD-enabled TV/monitor/projector. It requires to use only one, comparatively thin cable, which makes it easy to hide it, e.g. when installing the TV/monitor on LCD/plasma mount.
Application diagram

NameHDMI Extender Signal-HD (Cat 5e, 50m)
Supported video formats
DTV/HDTV: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p
Maximum transmission distance (CAT5e)50 m
HDMI specification
HDMI 1.2a
Max transmission speed / frequency
1.65 Gbps / 165 MHz
Operating temperature range
0...70 ºC
Operating humidity range
10%-85% (no condensation)
Dimensions (each of the main units)
100x65x25.5 mm
Power supplies
230 VAC / 5 VDC


Withdrawn from the offer
HDMI Extender Signal-HD (Cat 5e, 50m)
Code: H3601