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High Power Wireless USB Adapter: TP-LINK TL-WN7200ND (802.11n 2.4GHz 150Mbps)
Code: N2925
Withdrawn from the offer
Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 419KC
View of the device
Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 419KC
View of the device without the antenna
Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 419KC
The included accessories
Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 419KC
View of the packaging
TP-Link TL-WN7200ND is a very practical device enabling wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, compliant with IEEE802.11n standard. It uses a single dipole antenna that allows data transmission at speeds up to 150 Mb/s (max data transfer rate in 802.11n standard when using single antenna). The output power of 500 mW enables long-range connections and effective applications in difficult conditions (walls etc.) in buildings. Due to USB interface, the wireless adapter can be easily connected to any laptop, notebook, netbook or desktop PC. It has a very wide range of encryption options, so that the user and network can be suitably protected against unwanted intruders.
The adapter has mini USB port that cooperates with the included mini USB to USB cable (1.5 m).
Distinguishing features
  • Compliance with IEEE802.11n standard, data transfer rates up to 150 Mbps,
  • Tx output power up to 500 mW,
  • QSS (Quick Secure Setup) button,
  • Single, detachable antenna.
QSS (Quick Secure Setup). This function allows easy configuration of wireless device for communicating with compatible Access Point. Pressing QSS button on the device and AP, the user triggers automatic configuration of both devices. The whole procedure takes about 10 seconds.
NameTP-Link TL-WN7200ND
Wireless chipset
Supported standards
Supported transfer rates
802.11n: 150Mb/s
802.11b: 11Mb/s
802.11g: 54Mb/s
Modes of operation
Ad-Hoc, Infrastructure
Max output power (Tx) [mW]500
detachable, 5 dBi
Interfacemini USB / USB
Operating band  [GHz]2.4-2.4835
Sensitivity135M: -68dBm@10% PER
108M: -72dBm@10% PER
54M: -76dBm@10% PER
12M: -89dBm@8% PER
6M: -92dBm@10% PER
1M: -94dBm@8% PER
Security64/128 bits WEP, WPA/WPA2,
Dimensions [mm]90.8x60.8x24.5
Operating temperature [ºC]0...+40
Supported OS
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Attention! In Poland and other countries of European Union, the maximum radiated power from the antenna (EIRP) in 2.4 GHz band cannot be higher than 100 mW (20 dBm). To operate the device in these countries, the user has to lower the output power (in software way or using suitable length of transmission cable - e.g. in the case of locating the antenna at a distance from the computer) so that the total power radiated from the antenna does not exceed 100 mW (20 dBm) EIRP.
Withdrawn from the offer
High Power Wireless USB Adapter: TP-LINK TL-WN7200ND (802.11n 2.4GHz 150Mbps)
Code: N2925