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Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4080S (8ch/240fps/1.3MP)
Code: K4108
Withdrawn from the offer
Quick configuration of NVR Mini.
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4080S (8ch/240fps/1.3MP)
Front view
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4080S (8ch/240fps/1.3MP)
View of the drive carriers
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4080S (8ch/240fps/1.3MP)
Rear view
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4080S (8ch/240fps/1.3MP)
The set includes power cord, screws for mounting HDDs, resource CD-ROM
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4080S (8ch/240fps/1.3MP)
View of the packaging
NVR (Network Video Recorder) of NUUO is innovative plug & play device for full management of IP CCTV system. The main functions include live monitoring, recording of video streams, playback of the archives. This flexible NVR platform allows multi-server multi-client operation. NUUO NV-4080S K4108 can record video streams from megapixel (up to 5 MP) and standard-resolution cameras, with frame rates up to 25 fps. Due to Linux OS, it ensures stable operation and resistance to computer viruses that attack Windows applications.
During regular operation, NUUO NV-4080S K4108 does not need any computer or computer resources. Computers are only used as clients for online access to the live and recorded video and for configuration.
NUUO NV-4080S K4108 is used in all kinds of maintenance-free systems. In this kind of small- and medium-size systems, the NVR can be connected to any node of IP network and provide service for a number of customers (clients) with hierarchical access rights. Such systems are suitable for video surveillance of offices, factories, warehouses, stores, businesses, various buildings etc.
The set includes complete user manual in English (optionally also in Polish).
Distinguishing features
  • Linux-based OS, practically free from spyware and viruses
  • Multi-server multi-client platform
  • Recording without using any resources of client PCs
  • Support for megapixel cameras up to 5 Mpix
  • High monitoring and recording efficiency of video streams from 8 cameras up to 240 fps, 1.3 MP (max. bitrate from all cameras: 65 Mbps)
  • Possibility of mounting 4 hard drives of 2 TB capacity (each) as RAID 0 1 5 10 array
  • Support for ONVIF protocol
  • Digital zoom of live images and played back archives
  • Audio recording option
  • Synchronization of video and sound (recording and playback)
  • Hierarchical system of access rights
  • Multichannel preview
  • Correction of video parameters
  • Intelligent searching of the archives, detection (in defined areas) of:
    • motion
    • foreign (new) object
    • missing (vanishing) object
    • focus lost
    • video lost
  • Support for DST
  • Support for UPS (APC)
  • Scheduled backup (to defined directory) or direct backup onto DVDs (possibility of attaching playback application)
  • Easy installation and management
  • Stable operation
NUUO NV-4080S K4108 supports up to eight IP cameras from world's leading manufacturers:
  • ACTi
  • Arecont
  • AXIS
  • Panasonic
  • PiXORD
  • Samsung
  • Zavio
  • Cameras from different manufactures compliant with ONVIF protocol
Live monitoring via a website
Live Monitoring Panel allows to perform the following functions:
  • PTZ camera control: possibility of reaching any possible position
  • Zoom (optical): + (zoom in) or - (zoom out)
  • Digital zoom: + (zoom in) or - (zoom out)
  • Play / Stop / Drop: select a camera / video and click the appropriate button to play/stop/disconnect a particular channel
  • Information Display Window: video information including server name, current video status, and bit rate of the selected channel
  • Snapshot: capturing current video image
  • Remote I/O ports: remote status monitoring/control
NUUO archives
Playback Control Panel allows to perform the following functions:
  • Information Window: video date and time, cue-in / cue-out point times, and speed
  • Audio Volume Control: sound level adjustment
  • Screen Division: allocate the sub-screen display by clicking on the desired layout icon. To switch to single camera display, double click a particular sub-screen. Double click the screen again to regain previous screen division layout.
  • Browse Mode: włączenie/wyłączenie podglądu w trybie szukania
  • Open Record: click the button to access the Date-Time Panel and select the video records which you want to review
  • Setting
    • Record Display
      • Calendar View
      • List Control
    • Play
      • Play: Play when open
      • Auto-skip when recording in motion-only mode
      • Next interval: set the interval by which the video goes forward when clicking Forward button on the control panel.
      • Previous interval: set the interval by which the video goes backward when clicking Reverse button on the control panel
    • Capture Image
      • Save in clipboard: the image will be saved in the clipboard and can be pasted to other application
      • Manually save the image file: manually select the folder, name the saved file, and choose the image format
      • Automatically save the image file: by presetting a path/URL and the image format, the system will automatically save the image accordingly when clicking Save Image button on the control panel.
NUUO NV-4080S K4108 can provide up to 32 connections. In the Maximum Connections in Live Streaming Server settings, 1 connection means that only 1 user can connect to only 1 camera, e.g. when each user connects to 8 cameras, the allowed number of users is 4.
Allowed/ Blocked List is used for access control (according to IP addresses).
User Management assigns access rights to:
  • live video channels,
  • recorded video channels,
  • PTZ control,
  • I/O ports control.
The NVR can use up to four SATA II HDDs. The hard drives can be configured as RAID 0 , 1, 5, or 10 array. The data can be recorded in several modes: continuous, by schedule, manual, event-triggered, alarm-triggered.
NUUO NV-4080S K4108 creates event log list with:
  • Hardware Log: the log information of the operations to your unit, such as reboot or shutdown
  • NVR Log: the log information of the NVR system, such as stop recording or NVR system start
  • NVR Event Log: the log information of the "Event & Action Management", such as motion detection or camera connection lost
A great advantage of NUUO NVRs in comparison with similar devices is image analysis. Smart Search system allows to find the recorded file according to:
  • General Motion
  • Foreign Object
  • Missing Object
  • Focus Lost
  • Camera Occlusion
More information on advanced functions performed by NUUO software you can find in our Library, in the article Intelligent video surveillance systems.
NUUO NV-4080S K4108 provides a very clear organization of recording archive with the possibility of synchronous playback. Time Table shows the recorded periods and kind of recordings, Calendar allows to select date and time of the material to be played back, Record Display Window displays the current choice.
Looking through the archives
The device can be configured as maintenance-free NVR for around the clock operation, with overwriting when the free HDD space is less than 2% of total capacity.
Any moment the configuration of the device can be saved as a file on the client computer. It helps restore the configuration in case of an exception, as well as copy it to other units (for quick implementation or extension of the system).
Sensitive systems have to be equipped with backup power supply (UPS). NUUO NV-4080S K4108 can monitor the status of UPS. The user may define the level of battery voltage or period of battery operation which triggers automatic shut down of the system. This procedure maintains consistency of the archived data.
NUUO NVRs of NV series are fully compatible with popular NUUO K3108 managing software. They can be used as components of larger systems based on NUUO software. Similarly to software NUUO packages, NUUO NVRs are equipped with identical client application. This application allows to access the NVRs, being an alternative to Internet Explorer.
Code K4108
Number of channels
Support for megapixel cameras
Monitoring/recording capacity
up to 240 fps @ 1.3 MP
(max. bitrate: 65 Mbps)
RAID levels
RAID 0 1 5 10
Live monitoring8 channels
Playback8 channels
Supported brands of cameras
ACTi, Arecont, ARM, AXIS, BASLER, BOSCH, Brickcom, CISCO, CNB, D-Link, DYNACOLOR, Eneo, FINE, HIKVISION, Honeywell, IQinVision, LevelOne, Linksys, Lumenera, MOBOTIX, NetworkCamera, Onvif, Panasonic, PiXORD, Samsung, SANTEC, SANYO, Sony, StarDot, TOSHIBA, TRUEN, Videosec, VIVOTEK, Zavio
Ethernet10/100/1000 Mbps
H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
Special functions
Image analysis
User interface
Internet Expolorer
NUUO Client
Withdrawn from the offer
Network Video Recorder: NUUO NV-4080S (8ch/240fps/1.3MP)
Code: K4108