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Locations and parameters of terrestrial digital and analog TV transmitters in Poland
Locations and parameters of terrestrial digital and analog TV transmitters in Poland (information suitable for Polish-speaking users only, available when you choose the Polish version of the website)
The digitization of terrestrial TV - DVB-T/DVB-T2
A few words about DVB-T. What are the benefits of digital terrestrial television? What antenna for DVB-T/T2? Measurement of digital terrestrial TV signals.
TERRA amplifiers awarded at Sat DIGI-TV 2012 in Warsaw
Professional approach to the problem of amplification of television signals in modern DVB-T and SMATV systems is the use of channel amplifiers, which allows for precise gain control and noise reduction.
Digital DVB-T modulators - assortment and applications
Conversion of baseband audio-video (A/V) signals into radio frequency (RF) channel is called modulation. This process allows for distribution of the signals coming from all kinds of sources, such as computers, DVD players, security cameras etc. through antenna systems. The device used for this purpose (modulator) is equipped with one pair or a set of A/V inputs (SCART, RCA, HDMI) and RF output. The output signal injected into the antenna system is available in the distribution network as additional TV channel (or multiplex - in the case of DVB-T modulator and two or more A/V signals) that can ...
Universal diagrams for DVB-T antenna systems
Digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) is to cover the whole Europe. These several examples of DVB-T antenna systems will help anyone who wants to build a new antenna system or upgrade the existing one. The antenna installations presented below are a set of options that can be selected depending on the power of the transmitter and its distance to the reception point, as well as specific requirements of the user(s).
Adaptation of SMATV / MATV / shared antenna systems for reception of DVB-T broadcasts
Our intention in creating this document was to inform prospective investors, project offices and installation companies on the issues connected with (S)MATV / shared antenna systems, in particular, their modernization and adaptation to the requirements of DVB-T.
Measurements and amplification of DTT (DVB-T) signals
An article on the measurements of signals in DVB-T systems. It explains the meaning of the measured values for the quality of reception. The part concerning the amplification of the signals allows for better choice of RF amplifiers, especially in the transitional period (from analog to digital TV).