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Video Monitoring

Video surveillance system in a hotel
Installing a CCTV system, one has to carefully select the places that should be monitored, deploy appropriate cameras, choose suitable DVRs and hard drives. After the analysis of the facility and potential dangers, the company installed a total of 33 n-cam and v-cam cameras. It is also important to monitor all the entries and exits to/from the hotel building. Properly selected and installed cameras should be able to capture images that allow the identification of any person entering or exiting the building. It helps to protect the guests and the hotel property.
Video surveillance system in Dobczyce, Poland
IP CCTV system in Dobczyce, a town with over 6000 inhabitants, located about 30 kilometers from Krakow.
Some ONVIF issues
The development of IP CCTV systems was heavily hampered by the lack of compatibility of devices and low degree of flexibility in terms of future expansion. The users were not able to choose products from different manufacturers, not to mention the integration with other systems. ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is an open industry forum aimed at coordinating efforts to set common, global standard for IP CCTV systems.
Thermal imaging cameras in video surveillance systems
The use of thermal imaging cameras is no longer limited to buildings or installations critical to the defense of a country, or scientific applications. Cameras of this kind are employed to monitor unlit areas with dense vegetation, various processes in factories, power plants, oil and gas installations, at airports, etc. The best results can be achieved by creating systems consisting of optical and thermal cameras. This is due to different principles of operation and diverse forms of the generated images. An important part of such systems is image analysis. Thermal imaging cameras used for ...
Universal diagrams of CCTV systems
The case studies present basic CCTV systems, analog, hybrid, and IP. These are examples of video surveillance systems for homes, stores, parking lots, towns.
How to solve the problem with CCTV video viewing in Firefox browser?
Firefox version 52 has changed the default settings for NPAPI plugins. This involves problems with displaying images (continuous prompts for installing plugins that have been already installed) from Ultimax and ***Hikvision***,search*** cameras and DVRs/NVRs. It is possible to restore support for the plugins by setting the appropriate variable in Firefox options.
Sunell - Your Reliable Partner
Sunell Technology Corporation is a global provider of CCTV products. The company offers analog and IP cameras, digital/network video recorders, a wide range of CCTV accessories.
Comparison of IP NVRs – Signal & Ultimax
The article describes in detail the technical capabilities of Signal and Ultimax IP NVRs used in IP video surveillance systems (IP CCTV). It also provides a list of compatible IP cameras and ​​a tabular comparison of technical parameters of the different models of the NVRs with the aim of capturing the most important differences.
PoE - IEE 802.3af and IEE 802.3at
PoE (Power over Ethernet) is the name of a number of methods that allow for powering network devices through UTP/FTP cables. This way it is possible to power devices such as cameras, phones, switches, access points, etc.
The main features required for CCTV systems
In the case of surveillance systems, each installer and user must be aware that devices having too low parameters or not well suited for the purpose may bring threat to life or property. It will also effect in insufficient reliability of the system and frequent servicing problems.
Instructions on how to install compress BNC connectors
onto CAMSET cables
The article provides instructions on how to prepare the most often used CCTV cable CAMSET M6000 and install professional compression BNC connector E8293.
New series of HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DVRs for analog cameras
Hikvision/Ultimax DVRs belong to the newest generation of digital video recorders for analog video surveillance systems. They have been designed on the basis of thorough knowledge and experience in CCTV technology of DIPOL and HIKVISION companies. More than 20 years of experience in contact with customers, remarks of the installers and users of our products, resulted in the creation of innovative products able to meet the most demanding requirements. With the introduction of the Ultimax line, we can offer devices that are better tailored to the customer's requirements than standard versions ...
What is DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System)
and how to use it?
Translation of the domain name into the set of numbers is performed by the appropriate DNS server, to which the computer sends a request for the translation of the address. After receiving the response with the numeric address, the computer connects to the relevant computer/server.
Comparison of portable DVR cameras from PROTECT line
PROTECT line consists of portable DVR cameras dedicated for indoor use (including applications in vehicles). High quality video captured by the cameras and audio from the built-in microphones are directly recorded on the inserted memory cards.
SADP application - LAN tool for organizing CCTV systems based on Hikvision devices
SADP (Search Active Device Protocol) is a free and simple to use utility for searching Hikvision IP cameras and Hikvision DVRs/NVRs in the local network. The online device search tool can also be used for modification of network parameters of the Hikvision devices, including the change of passwords or recovery of default passwords (when the user lost/forgot a password). It can eliminate problems with duplicated IP addresses (occurring after connecting a number of devices), even in the same network class. The software is available for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, ...
Applications for the management and operation of CCTV systems based on Hikvision devices
The article provides an overview of applications dedicated for installers and users of Hikvision-based video surveillance systems.
Modern technologies in Hikvision products
Hikvision company, a leader in CCTV solutions, provides customers with devices with varying degrees of sophistication. Both in the case of cameras and DVRs/NVRs there are budget products "for everyone", which satisfy the needs of most users, and "high-end" professional devices designed for professional applications with special requirements. The company still places great emphasis on the development of their devices, constantly adds new models, new features, cameras with higher resolutions. Among the range of products available, there are cameras capable of identification of license plates, ...
Parental surveillance
Parental surveillance based on web cameras is a simple and cheap monitoring system enabling parents to watch and hear their children from another room, the workplace, or even every corner of the world.
Redbeam - reliable light in all conditions
New generation of CCTV illuminators
IR illuminators of Redbeam series are modern devices for providing homogeneous IR light in the monitored area in order to enable CCTV cameras to capture images in low-light or no-light environments. The advantage of the series is application of specially designed LED array (instead of a conventional set of diodes) which, together with optical lens/es, ensures desired operational angle and distance.
Optimization of CCTV camera settings
When selecting a model of a camera we are usually interested in possibility of adjustments to various operating conditions. Of course, more advanced models have more capabilities, simpler devices keep some parameters fixed. However, in order to be able to take full advantage of the adjustments, please refer to their technical data and user manuals. We are here discussing a number of typical settings having an impact on the quality of the image, both positive and negative. Such knowledge will help you achieve the best practical results of the camera operation. The impact of changes in camera ...
Signal standards and parameters
Video signal used in CCTV is called VBS (video, blanking & syncs, or video baseband signal) and CVBS (composite/color video baseband signal). IP is the acronym of the Internet Protocol, the most popular protocol used for communication in computer networks and the Internet. IP camera is a device producing digital video stream that is transmitted via wired or wireless IP networks. It can be viewed and/or recorded even in most remote locations in the network.
Quick DDNS configuration for Hikvision devices
Hikvision provides DDNS service for its products (e.g. DVRs), allowing customers to use their equipment anywhere in the world, even if they do not have a static external IP address.
Megapixel video surveillance in practice
IP video surveillance has as many supporters as opponents. This is due to many reasons. These include: the price of the equipment, requirements for the transmission medium, image quality, mobility, possibility of building distributed systems, stability of operation etc. Analog and IP cameras. Hybrid solutions. Megapixel cameras. DVRs with network functions. Trends.
A monitor is a device that changes electric signals to optical information suitable for the human eye. Monitors have to fulfill safety standards, which means that they must have CE certificates. Safety standards describe, among other things, maximum accepted electromagnetic and X-ray radiation levels, protection of the user against electric shock, and protection of the device against surges coming from the power line. Before we choose a monitor, we should pay attention to the monitor's parameters: resolution - capability of showing small details, picture geometry and stability, maximum ...
A short CCTV guide for investors and developers -
12 questions and answers
What types of threats are going to be monitored? What areas are going to be monitored? What is the aim of monitoring individual areas? What is the required level of automation? What reaction of the system should be exercised when individual areas are violated? How long will the video footage be stored on the hard disk? What environmental conditions will devices have to work in? What way of control of the system is anticipated? What are the required resolutions and frame rates of images from different areas? What is sufficient range and security level of signal transmission? How to manage the ...
Intelligent video surveillance systems
Intelligent video surveillance system based on image analysis and continuous monitoring of the system performance dramatically improve efficiency of the system management performed by the operator. The unquestionable advantages of such systems are: - the duties of several operators taken over by one person, - elimination of human errors caused mainly by loss of concentration due to monotony of the surveillance job, - limitation of the number of actions performed by the operator (the rest is replaced by an automated system), - self-monitoring of the system and detection of any abnormality, - ...
CCTV cameras
The market offers a very wide range of security cameras. Which camera to choose? What should determine the selection of the suitable device? What parameters should be adjustable? What is a day/night camera? CCTV cameras can be classified in many ways, for practical purposes the basic classification may be based on the output signal and image resolution: * analog cameras and IP cameras (analog cameras have coaxial 75 ohm outputs providing baseband video signal at the level of 1 Vpp; IP cameras are equipped with video servers with RJ-45 network connectors) * IP cameras with standard and ...
Home CCTV systems
The decision to install CCTV system in a home is an investment for a longer period of time. Unlike in plants, factories and public buildings, the elements of such a system shouldn't be prominently displayed, in order not to spoil the architectural character of the house and its interior. Of course, as with any security system, the primary criterion must be the efficiency of protection. Therefore, faced with the choice of concrete solutions, home owners should first determine what form of video security system will meet their requirements.
Top quality optics - Tokina
Tokina is Japanese company that has been known in the world since 1951 for its quality products used in photography. Since 1996 the company has been manufacturing special lenses for CCTV cameras. Below we present different models, in order to facilitate the selection of the most appropriate one for specific conditions.
Camera lens - optical component of a camera used for projection of the image onto light-sensitive sensor surface. Focal length - distance from the optical center of a lens (measured along its principal axis) to the image of an object placed in infinity - measured and given in millimeters. Iris - the mechanism of aperture regulation that changes the amount of light going through a lens and falling on the image sensor of a CCTV camera.
H.264 compression - learn and use in practice!
Currently, H.264 compression has become a standard in digital video recorders (DVRs). The most advanced devices enable the user to control the compression ratio and many parameters of the video stream injected into the network. To understand the impact of the changes and the allowed ranges, the users should know the general principles of this video compression method.
Video surveillance in schools
Many people understand that even best educative measures cannot solve the problem of violence in schools. One of efficient methods of improving safety in a school is CCTV surveillance system.
Video transmission
Due to security reasons and tendency towards cost reduction (centralized protection of multiple sites), video surveillance centers are often situated in some distance from the protected buildings and places, thus the leading role of high quality video transmission.
Megapixel video surveillance system
at Plac Nowy square in Krakow
Since August 2009, the Plac Nowy area, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Krakow, has been monitored with CCTV.
Video surveillance system in Myslenice
On January the 19th, 2008, at twelve noon, there was official opening and presentation of Video Monitoring Center in the Police Headquarters in Myslenice. The city monitoring system has been based on modern IP technology. There have been installed 14 cameras in the central parts of the town.
Wireless transmission
The use of wireless transmission technology will significantly extend the scope of surveillance systems towards scattered locations, such as electricity relay stations, waterworks, elements of road infrastructure and many other remote places.
Mobile video surveillance system for temporary events
Days of Myslenice, June 27-29, 2008, were monitored with ACTi cameras. The organizers of mass events are obliged by law to ensure safety of the people. Proper security level can be obtained by employing large security staff, or by means of CCTV technology. The places which are built for such events (stadiums, sport halls, covered markets etc.) have to be equipped with CCTV infrastructure. And what about the grounds where it happens sporadically?
Camera housings
In order to ensure proper work conditions for the protected devices, housings may be equipped with heaters, fans, cooling systems etc., depending on specific environment.
Potential of IP CCTV for modern video surveillance of cities
The article discusses new possibilities of IP CCTV compared with traditional video monitoring systems.
Power supplies and accessories
Improper power supply is often the main reason of faulty operation of CCTV system.
Tvrdosin in Slovakia - the sign of a new trend in video surveillance
Traditional monitoring based on PTZ cameras can be effective only when is operated around the clock by a qualified staff. In the case of the small town the costs would be unacceptable. DIPOL Slovakia proposed to build in Tvrdosin surveillance system based on fixed megapixel cameras.
Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras
PTZ cameras have the ability to capture the area selected by the operator and zoom in on the interesting object. This operation can be carried out using mechanical means (typical PTZ cameras) or electronically, by selecting a portion of a high definition image from a megapixel camera.
Lighting for video surveillance
Good traditional lighting has many advantages. However, it is visible, so it may be easy for an intruder to avoid the illuminated zones. It is also expensive, requiring considerable amounts of energy.
Video signal can be transmitted in analog or digital form.
Connectors in CCTV systems
Connectors play a very important role in any transmission line. Their construction and quality have direct influence on connection stability, attenuation, return loss, mechanical strength. DIPOL offers a new generation of connectors - compression connectors meeting the most stringent requirements and standards.
Video surveillance solutions to cities
In the zones monitored with cameras, it is noticed considerable drop (in some cases even complete elimination) in number of robberies, excesses, thefts and vandalism acts. It also makes drivers keep to traffic regulations. The necessary condition to reach such effects is coupling the surveillance system with intervention of the police or the municipal police.
Signal amplification is used to compensate attenuation of cables. Attenuation values depend on cable types and their lengths.
Video surveillance in Szczercow - quick apprehension of criminals
Szczercow (town in Lodz region in central Poland) several months ago launched urban video surveillance system. The correctness of the decision to install the video monitoring system was confirmed by the horrific incident which took place on April 30, 2009.
CCTV system for a small store/shop
The number of burglaries and cases of shoplifting still increases, what makes owners of stores take appropriate security measures for elimination or at least reduction of this kind of crime.
Video surveillance system for gas/petrol station
The crimes most often committed on gas stations are drive-off gas thefts and lifts of various car accessories or other things being sold at the station. An increasing number of armed robberies at the stations is related mostly with...
Modulators - the junction of CCTV and SMATV/MATV systems
Modulator (or RF modulator) allows conversion of baseband video (or audio & video) signal into RF band that can be received by regular TV sets.