2-channel Wireless Receiver Module: Exta Free ROM-10 (DIN rail)

Code: F6202
This product is no longer available



2-channel Wireless Receiver Module: Exta Free ROM-10 (DIN rail)
General view
The ROM-10 F6202 and ROM-01 F6201 wireless receiver modules are intended for mounting in electrical distribution boards on the TH-35 rail in order to control electric circuits or appliances by commands sent from any EXTA FREE remotes/transmitters. The relay outputs of the modules can switch on/off various components of building or home automation, contactors etc.
Key features:
  • Cooperation with wireless EXTA FREE remotes/transmitters
  • 2-channel radio receiver mounted on a TH-35 rail in a distribution board
  • 5 operation modes: switching on, switching off, monostable mode, bistable mode, time mode (delay of switching off)
  • Two 8 A relay outputs (changeover contacts)
  • Wide range of operation (up to 300 m)
  • Indication of power supply and relay activation
  • Possibility of integration with building or home automation systems connected to the same board
  • Possibility of connecting antenna placed outside the installation box
2-channel Wireless Receiver Module: Exta Free ROM-10 (DIN rail)4-channel Remote Control: Exta Free P-257/4Wireless Gate Controller: Exta Free ROB-01/12-24V

The ROM-10 F6202 wireless receiver module is controlled by the 4-channel P-257/4 F5114 wireless remote control (switching on/off lighting over the garage gate). The P-257/4 F5114 remote is also used to control the garage shutter through the ROB-01/12-24V F5222 wireless gate controller.
Name 2-channel Wireless Receiver Module Exta Free ROM-10 (DIN rail)
Code F6202
Supplying voltage [VAC] 230
Max number of registered transmitters
Operating band [MHz] 868
Number of channels
Relay output
2x NO/NC 8A / 250V- AC1 2000 VA
Reception range [m] up to 300
IP rating
Dimensions [mm] 90x17.5x66
Operating temperature [°C]-10...55
Weight [kg] 0.083



Name ROM-10 2-channel modular radio receiver (DIN rail) Exta Free
Product type Transmitter
System Exta Free
Mounting DIN rail
Transmission type Unidirectional
Frequency MHz 868
Applications indoor
Number of relays 2
Relay parameters maximum current A 8
maximum voltage V 250
contact type NO/NC
Power supply voltage VAC 230
Range m 300
Protection rating IP20
Operating temperature °C -10...55
Dimensions mm 90 × 35 × 66