2-way TV/FM Splitter/Combiner: AMS RSI-03 (1 DC pass)

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2-way splitter/combiner with DC pass through one path, placed in hermetic housing.


3-year warranty.



2-way splitter/combiner with DC pass through one path (that without capacitor symbol), placed in hermetic housing. The device is used in the case where it is necessary to distribute television signals from terrestrial TV antenna with a preamplifier, which requires power supply. The supplying voltage must be connected to the path that passes DC current.
Distinguishing features
  • operating band 47-862 MHz
  • DC pass through one path
  • professional cast housing that ensures perfect shielding
  • renowned manufacturer


Product type Splitter/combiner
Brand AMS
Name RSI-03
Applications Terrestrial TV
No. of outputs pcs. 2
Operating band MHz 47 – 862
Loss dB 4
DC pass-through Yes