2MP IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPC54/14EDN (box, ONVIF, CMOS, 1080p)

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2MP IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPC54/14EDN (box, ONVIF, CMOS, 1080p)
Front view
2MP IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPC54/14EDN (box, ONVIF, CMOS, 1080p)
Side view
2MP IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPC54/14EDN (box, ONVIF, CMOS, 1080p)
Bottom view

2MP IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPC54/14EDN (box, ONVIF, CMOS, 1080p)
Rear view

2MP IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPC54/14EDN (box, ONVIF, CMOS, 1080p)
The included accessories

2MP IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPC54/14EDN (box, ONVIF, CMOS, 1080p)
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Key features
  • image sensor: Sony Exmor 1/2.8"
  • image resolution (max): 1920x1080 px (Full HD)
  • mechanically switching IR filter
  • compression: H.264
  • multi-stream operation (2x H.264, 1x MJPEG)
  • compatibility with all popular browsers thanks to Flash technology
  • compatibility with ONVIF 2.2 (Profile S)
  • audio compression: G711 A-Law, G711 U-Law, RAW_PCM
  • frame rate: 25 fps
  • PoE
  • analog video output (BNC)
Sunell SN-IPC54/14EDN camera is compatible with ONVIF standard (Open Network Video Interface Forum). ONVIF is an open industry forum aimed at coordinating efforts to set common, global standard for recording and transmitting video in IP CCTV systems. ONVIF-compliant devices ensure flexibility in building video surveillance systems due to interoperability of equipment from various manufacturers. By standardizing the digital interfaces of the IP CCTV equipment (compression and transmission of video streams, device configuration and control procedures, event handling etc.), the user is given an easy to manage and uniform platform.
Web access to a video stream from the camera performed via IE requires installation of ActiveX controls. Alternative browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome) do not need any plug-ins or patches - thanks to Flash technology the image is directly displayed by the respective browser.
The Sony Exmor IMX122 1/2.8" image sensor implemented in this camera is dedicated for professional applications requiring high image quality in low-light environments. The sensor has diagonal of 6.4 mm and 2.43 million effective pixels. In comparison with Sony 1/3" HD1080p sensors, its sensitivity is increased by 6dB, and S/N ratio higher by 8 dB.
Compared with a standard VGA camera, K1634 provides about six times more pixels. This means much more detailed images that ensure a new level of video surveillance. Any part of such an image can be effectively enlarged (both during live monitoring and playing back archives).
The SN-IPC54/14EDN camera supports event handling system which in the case of motion detection or an alarm input signal can start recording the video stream on a hard drive of a computer. The camera can be powered by PoE (IEEE 802.3af), which reduces wiring, or by 12 VDC.

The camera has multiple adjustment options:
  • image resolution,
  • frame rate,
  • image quality,
  • shutter speed,
  • brightness,
  • focus,
  • AGC mode/level,
  • bitrate type (CBR or VBR),
  • video stream parameters,
  • frame type,
  • max bitrate - besides the proposed values the user can set any value within 100-12000 kbps range.
  • RJ45 - Ethernet + PoE
  • BNC - analog video output
  • audio in, audio out
  • alarm input and output
Sunell cameras monitor office spaces, airports, cities, industrial halls, hospitals

A screenshot from the free software supplied with the camera
The resource CD-ROM provides free NVMS NVR software for configuring and managing up to 36 Sunell IP cameras. The utility automatically searches the cameras in the Ethernet network and allows for quick implementation of the monitoring system based on Sunell equipment.

Some functions of the software:
  • Configuring streams/images from the cameras;
  • Configuring the cameras as network devices;
  • Setting recording schedules (including motion detection and alarm input signal);
  • Creating new user accounts with different access privileges.
Sunell IP cameras are fully compliant with commercial NVR software NUUO K3104, K3108, K3116, K3132, K3164, Digifort K3001, K3002, K3003, K3004, and with standalone NVRs K4108, K4116, K4204.
The camera fulfills national and international requirements/standards for professional CCTV equipment.
Name SN-IPC54/14EDN
Code K1634
Housing Box
Cooperation with IR illuminators
Analog video output BNC
Resolutions 1920x1080
Number of video streams 3
Frame rate
25 fps
Image sensor
Sony Exmor 1/2.8"

Color: 0.5 lx/F1.2
B/W: 0.1 lx/F1.2

Lens mount
Brightness adjustment Yes
Focus adjustment Yes
Gain Automatic/Fixed
Alarms Motion detection
Remote FTP server; NAS
Network interface RJ-45 10/100Base-T
IP addressing IPv4 / IPv6 (DHCP / Fixed)
Audio Two-way (jack input/output)
Audio compression
G711 A-Law. G711 U-Law. RAW_PCM
Audio bandwidth
30...4000 Hz
Alarm input/output 1/1
RTSP RFC2326; support for QuickTime / VLC Player; Optional password-protection.
Power 12 VDC
PoE IEEE 802.3af
Power consumption
5 W
Startup temperature range -10°C...+50°C
Operating temperature range -25°C...+50°C
Menu languages Chinese. English. Polish. Russian
Dimensions 74(W) x 74(H) x 145(D) mm
Weight 0.45 kg
Browsers Internet Explorer; Mozilla Firefox; Opera; Google Chrome; Safari