3-way Tap: FAC-3-12dB (5-1000MHz)



View of the device

Top view
The operating frequency range of the tap is 5-1000 MHz. The product ensures good quality and suitability for professional use. The tap is equipped with F connectors and cast aluminum housing.
The family of FAC taps contains full range of devices with different tap attenuation, which allows for the use of high-level channel amplifiers for effective distribution of antenna signals to multiple outlets, ensuring output levels within the required 47-74 dBuV range.
Name FAC-3-12dB
Code R602312
Frequency range [MHz] 5-40 40-470 470-1000
Tap loss [dB] 12 +/-1 12 +/-1 12 +/-1
Insertion loss [dB] 1.8 1.9 2.1
Screening efficiency [dB] >75 >75 >75
Return loss [dB] >16 >16 >16
Loss and return loss diagram for input - tap output (BLUE: attenuation, RED: return loss)
Loss and return loss diagram for input - output (BLUE: attenuation, RED: return loss)


Product type Tap
Name FAC-3-12
Applications Terrestrial TV
No. of outputs pcs. 3
Number of pass-through outputs pcs. 1
Operating band MHz 5 – 1000
Branch attenuation dB 12
Throughput attenuation dB 2,1
DC pass-through No