30 years of DIPOL

The history of DIPOL goes back to 1990, when a group of enthusiasts first started to manufacture analog terrestrial TV and radio antennas. Just as was the case with many other companies at the time, its first production plant was located in the basement of one of its founders. Today, DIPOL is a manufacturing and distribution company that consists of multiple divisions and cooperates with factories all over the world. DIPOL not only sells a variety of products and provides technical support to its customers, but also engages in wide-ranging training and marketing activities.
DIPOL's logo
DIPOL's logo has changed four times since the company was established. The first one, designed by Piotr Waśniowski, was used up until 1993, when it was replaced with a new design by Łukasz Kozak, which in turn lasted until 1995. The third, also by Łukasz Kozak, was kept until 2007. The current, fourth logo is the brainchild of Piotr Felszyński.

The antenna that started it all
Originally offered for sale at electronic bazaars, DIPOL's antennas quickly became a sales hit. The company was soon able to move from its basement to a building in ul. Ciepłownicza 11 in Kraków, where it continues to reside to this day. Even though the number of staff kept growing and the manufacturing technology improved, the demand was so great that the company often struggled to meet its delivery targets.

Right from the start, DIPOL stood out for its high-quality products, meticulously prepared for the market. Its flagship product in the 1990s, the ASP-8 antenna, was sold in a cardboard box. The image shows the packaging designed by Jacek Dembosz in 1991.

The place we have called home
The first company signboard.
According to the previous numbering ssytem, the company had its seat in ul. Ciepłownicza 11 (it's 40 now).
Note the telex, the tech hit of the early 1990s ;-)
and the six-digit phone number without an area code.
DIPOL on the Internet
The company quickly caught on to the potential of the new, rapidly advancing medium: the Internet. It created its first, rather simple website back in 1996. Today, www.dipol.com pl is an elaborate online store, as well as a business and education platform, available in 7 language versions and offering more than 2000 products backed with full technical support.
The changing look of our website throughout the years
Since 2008, the company has had a YouTube account, where it regularly uploads a wide range of video tutorials. Its Facebook fanpage, active since 2012, features information about new products and videos, and responds to users' technical queries.
Video tutorials
More than 8 million views!
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More than than 4 thousand followers.
European and global expansion
In the fall of 1991, DIPOL became an exporter. Initially, it sold its antennas only to neighboring countries, but its worldwide network gradually expanded over time. Today, the company exports products to 70 different countries across the globe.
Current export destinations
Training courses for designers and installers
DIPOL organized its first training courses, devoted to the design and construction of TV antenna systems, in the second half of the 1990s.

As its portfolio expanded over the years, the company systematically developed the number and scope of dedicated training courses. Today, its course offer includes subjects related to CCTV, WLAN/LAN, TV and SAT, and GSM systems. Participants can also learn fusion splicing. Certified by global industry leaders such as TP-LINK and Hikvision, DIPOL's courses guarantee high-quality content with an important emphasis on hands-on experience.

In the first half of 2020 alone, experts from our technical department will teach 27 courses to 400 installers in 11 towns throughout Poland.

For more information on current course offerings, go to our website.

Building wired and wireless networks based on TP-Link devices
A discussion group for telecommunications equipment installers
In April 2019, DIPOL started a closed Facebook discussion group for telecommunications equipment installers , open to users verified as participants of the training program offered by DIPOL. The purpose of the group is to ask questions, discuss problems, and dispel doubts concerning the training courses offered by DIPOL, as well as various installations built by group members. Engineers from the Technical Support Department at DIPOL regularly visit the group to address user questions. An important role is also played is the members themselves, who often share their good practices and effective solutions.
Group discussion is treated as a form of continuing support after the end of a course, where facilitators focus on technical, as opposed to commercial, matters.
Newsletter and library articles
Since October 1998, DIPOL has published a weekly newsletter, devoted to new technologies, telecommunications systems, and various issues that may arise during installation. The online edition of the newsletter is published in 6 languages and delivered to 24 thousand subscribers.

The Technical Department also publishes many technical articles and examples of installations. The library is divided into sections, consisting mainly of articles showing how to correctly design and install telecommunications systems.
Long and responsible warranty periods
Over our 30 years in the market, we have learned which products are good and worth recommending to our customers. We are not afraid to extend warranties for the items we introduce to the Polish and the European market. Our warranty periods last between 1 and 15 years. The exact length is specified in the data sheet of every product in our online store. As of March 2019, the information is also published on the sales invoice for each product. The period depends on the type of equipment and its manufacturer.
DIPOL at regional conferences and seminars
In 2010, DIPOL first took part in the popular Regional Seminars organized by Biotop. Ever since its first seminar in Wrocław 10 years ago, the company has delivered papers in 13 towns all over Poland, training hundreds of interested industry representatives.

Targeted at the staff of design and contractor companies, its lectures and presentations have covered telecommunications equipment installation in multiple-family buildings in accordance with binding regulations. The lectures are usually followed by Q&A meetings devoted to TV and SAT, CCTV, and FTTX systems.
January 2016 - a regional seminar in Kraków
DIPOL supports technical schools and universities
Since 2013, DIPOL has actively supported technical schools and universities by:
  • publishing complete sets of teaching aids and materials that can be used in the curriculum targeted at future IT technicians,
  • granting discounts for the purchase of telecommunications equipment and installation materials for school labs,
  • offering training courses on the design, building, and configuration of telecommunications systems for teachers working in local vocational schools.
DIPOL at industry events and trade shows
Since as early as 1993, Dipol has actively participated in industry trade shows held in Poland and Europe at large. It debuted at the INFOSYSTEM 93 in Poznań. In subsequent years, it put up its booths at the SAT Krak, Intertelecom in Łódź, Energetic in Poznań, and ALARM in Kielce to showcase its growing portfolio. Apart from antennas, the booths began to display other elements of professional SMATV systems, CCTV cameras, GSM repeaters, as well as LAN/WLAN devices.
October 2011 marks a very special moment in our the trade show career. During the SatKrak trade show, we presented the first iteration of our Singing Robot, which entertained trade show audiences and presented our products (of which it was composed) between 2011-2017 :). In 2017, we showcased its successor, which continues to sing, talk, and compliment visitors at DIPOL's booths to this day.
In 2012, DIPOL first presented its portfolio abroad, at the ANGA trade show in Cologne. Together with our foreign partners, we have also exhibited in Romania and Portugal.
For the past several years, DIPOL has been a regular at two events: the ENEGETAB trade show in Bielsko and the SECUREX trade show in Poznań.
DIPOL supports digital TV
Between 2012 and 2013, analog TV transmitters began to be phased out and replaced with DVB-T equivalents. At the same time, DIPOL representatives traveled around Poland to take part in events known as "Digital Towns". Organized in the form of picnics, the events were designed to educate the public about the changes in TV signal reception. During the picnic, DIPOL staff answered questions about DVB-T technology and presented the company's portfolio, with the frequent help of the previously mentioned Robot and his loyal companion, the Digital Dog :)
The Digital Dog, its proud owner, and the Singing Robot during a "Digital Town" event in Tomaszów Mazowiecki in 2013.
DIPOL recognized for its sterling contribution to promoting Hikvision products
In November 2019, a special gala was held to celebrate the first five years of Hikvision's presence in Poland. DIPOL was one of the three leading distributors (out of a total of 33) to go away with an award plaque given in recognition of its particularly fruitful cooperation and sterling contribution to promoting Hikvision products.
A photo contest - antennas through the lens of art
Since 2002, Dipol has organized an annual photo contest devoted to antennas, i.e. devices for signal transmission and reception. Photos submitted to the competition are often out-of-the-box, majestic, minimalist, and sometimes...funny. The jury is presided over by a well-known Kraków-based photographer, Paweł Zechenter, and the contest attracts between 300 and 400 submissions every year.
Engagingly about Antennas - 18th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2019
Grand Prix in 2019.
Round about Five (by Adam Sowa)
The wonders and marvels of engineering
One of DIPOL's most interesting original solutions was an interface between a personal computer and a Casio electronic organizer. At that time (1991), the most popular data storage medium was the 5¼-inch floppy disk...
Another curiosity of the past - the AntiClock. Compared with traditional clocks, its hands were moving in the opposite direction, but still showed the correct time. Originally designed as an advertising gadget, AntiClock proved to be a sales hit in the 1990s.
For marketing purposes, the company has also created several interesting installations built from products in its portfolio. Some of these have even developed self-consciousness and taken active part in various industry events ;)
Our catalog covers:
DIPOL has published a printed catalog since 1991. 130 pages long and updated twice per year, it has a circulation of 5 thousand copies. The catalog is sold in paper form at our sales points and during marketing events, but can also be ordered along with our products (just remember to check the box). You can also download it in electronic format.