3G Repeater Signal 3G-500

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Indoor DVB-T Antenna with Amplifier: Signal DA
General view

Indoor DVB-T Antenna with Amplifier: Signal DA
View of the opposite side
Indoor DVB-T Antenna with Amplifier: Signal DA
The included outdoor antenna with 10 m cable
Indoor DVB-T Antenna with Amplifier: Signal DA
Indoor antenna connector
Indoor DVB-T Antenna with Amplifier: Signal DA
The included indoor antenna
Indoor DVB-T Antenna with Amplifier: Signal DA
U-bolts for mounting the outdoor antenna
Indoor DVB-T Antenna with Amplifier: Signal DA
View of the packaging
3G repeater Signal 3G-500 A67100 allows to amplify 3G signals inside buildings. The device is ideal for locations where the range of a cellular network allows for use of UMTS/3G terminals (for high-speed data transmission - video calls, mobile Internet services etc.) out of buildings, but is insufficient for indoor operation. Such locations include some remote places (long distances to WCDMA (3G) base stations), but more often rooms in old buildings with thick walls or in basements and cellars (e.g. pubs, coffee shops). A strong barrier can also be modern windows with panes covered with metallic layers.
Distinguishing features:
  • Support for 3G cellular phones (1920-2170 MHz)
  • Indoor coverage area 500 m2
  • Gain suitable for the coverage area
  • Easy installation (Plug and Play)
Contents of the set:
  • main unit,
  • 5m cable with N-male to N-male connectors,
  • indoor antenna (with N-f connector),
  • outdoor antenna with 10 m cable.
This product can solve the problem of low signal in hotels, boardinghouses, and various buildings, allowing to use the features of 3G cellular phones in those places, where the connectivity would be impossible or limited to lower rates (GPRS, EDGE).
Installation of the Signal 3G-500 A67100 repeater:
  • find a place outside building with a good 3G signal ,
  • mount the outdoor antenna so that it is directed toward WCDMA (3G) base station,
  • choose a location for installing the repeater somewhere inside the building to place the indoor antenna in the central part of the building/hall/room to be covered (the length of the cable is 5m),
  • check if the distance to the place outside is not longer than 10m (the length of the RF cable supplied with the outdoor antenna),
  • install the Signal 3G-500 repeater in the suitable place in the hall/room (away from heaters etc., ensuring natural ventilation),
  • be sure that the antennas are connected to the dedicated, marked sockets
  • connect the AC power plug to a wall outlet (110-230 VAC).
3G repeater Signal 3G-500 A67100 is connected with both antennas with cables, which provides certain freedom of location of the device (e.g. close to an AC power outlet).
The device has got CE certificate.
The device meets the directive of Minister of Infrastructure (Poland) issued on February 29, 2008 - in respect of radio equipment that can be used without a license.
Below there is an example of using the repeater for better 3G coverage in a house.
Example application

Name Repeater Signal 3G-500
Operating band
UP: 1920-1980 MHz DL: 2110-2170 MHz
Output power UP: 23 dBm DL: 23 dBm
UP: 65 dB, DL: 70 dB
In-band ripple  <3 dB
Maximum group delay 1.5 us
Out-of-band spurious emission < -40 dBm
Coverage area 500 m2
Antenna connectors Outdoor ant.: N-f, Indoor ant.: N-f
Input/output impedance 50 Ω
Supplying voltage
110-230 VAC
Operating temperature range
-25°C to +55°C
Operating humidity range
Dimensions 280x205x50 mm