4-channel Wireless Transmitter Module: Exta Free RNM-10 (DIN rail)

Code: F6104
This product is no longer available



4-channel Wireless Transmitter Module: Exta Free RNM-10 (DIN rail)
General view
The RNM-10 wireless transmitter module is intended for mounting in electrical distribution boards on the TH-35 rail in order to use switches deployed in the building. The 4-channel transmitter cooperates with wireless EXTA FREE system receivers/actuators. The device has 4 independent inputs controlled by applying 230 VAC voltage. The inputs can be connected to installation switches, wired home automation devices or other relay devices (time programmers, motion sensors, programmable relays, etc).
Key features:
  • Cooperation with wireless EXTA FREE receivers/actuators
  • 4-channel wireless receiver mounted on a TH-35 rail in a distribution board
  • Wide range of operation (up to 300 m)
  • Optical indication of transmission
  • Possibility of simultaneous switching on/off an unlimited number of EXTA FREE receivers/actuators
Name 4-channel Wireless Transmitter Module Exta Free RNM-10 (DIN rail)
Code F6104
Supplying voltage [VAC] 230
Operating band [MHz] 868
Number of channels
Transmission range [m] up to 300
IP rating



Name RNM-10 4-channel radio module transmitter
Product type Transmitter
System Exta Free
Mounting DIN rail
Transmission type Unidirectional
Frequency MHz 868
Applications indoor
Number of transmitters 4
Power supply voltage VAC 230
Range m 300
Protection rating IP20