4-way Tap: FAC-4-14dB (5-1000MHz)



The operating frequency range of the tap is 5-1000 MHz. Due to continuous quality control, the parameters of the tap are always within declared values and the device can be recommended for use in professional antenna systems. The tap is equipped with F connectors and cast aluminum housing.
The family of FAC taps contains full range of devices with different tap attenuation, which allows for the use of high-level channel amplifiers for effective distribution of antenna signals to multiple outlets, ensuring output levels within the required 47-74 dBuV range.


Product type Tap
Name FAC-4-14
Applications Terrestrial TV
No. of outputs pcs. 4
Number of pass-through outputs pcs. 1
Operating band MHz 5 – 1000
Branch attenuation dB 14
Throughput attenuation dB 3,2
DC pass-through No