5/4 Multiswitch: Signal MP-0504L (active terrestrial TV)

Code: R6944504
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5/4 Multiswitch: Signal MP-0504L (active terrestrial TV)
View of the multiswitch
5/4 Multiswitch: Signal MP-0504L (active terrestrial TV)
Top view
New family of Signal multiswitches has been designed for individual antenna systems installed in one-family houses or in small apartment houses etc. The biggest advantage of the new series is better isolation between inputs. The multiswitches have built-in compensation of cable attenuation. This eliminates the impact of cable attenuation with increasing frequency, guarantying the same signal level in the entire band. Additionally, they have a switch to power a preamplifier in terrestrial TV path with 12 VDC.
The MP-0504L R6944504 multiswitch is equipped with LTE filter for cutting unwanted signals above channel 60 (791- 862 MHz) coming from LTE networks.
The device distributes signals from one satellite and terrestrial television to up to four subscriber sockets. We can therefore connect up to four single satellite receivers. If some receiver has a hard drive (PVR), its double tuner will need connection with two outputs of the multiswitch. Any unused output of the multiswitch must be terminated with 75 ohm resistor (R66205).
Signal multiswitches are very attractive offer for radial installations (one multiswitch, the signal distributed radially) up to 16 outlets, distributing signals from one, two or four satellites. They are ideal devices for one-family houses, small apartment houses etc. In DIPOL Library we show example diagrams of such installations.
For cascadable solutions - larger systems and/or lower terrestrial signals (requiring to use external RF amplifiers) - we recommend high-quality TERRA multiswitches. A lot of information on designing large multiswitch systems has been collected in Professional multiswitch systems.
The maximum output level of 85 dB of the terrestrial path means in practice that the input signals should not exceed 82 dB. Signals with a higher level may overdrive transistor switches, blocking satellite signal.

The multiswitch is suitable for indoor use only.
The offer of Signal multiswitches also includes:
  • 5/8 multiswitch R6944508
  • 5/12 multiswitch R6944512
  • 5/16 multiswitch R6944516
  • as well as 9-input multiswitches with 5, 8, 12, and 16 outputs.
Name   Signal MP-0504L
Code R6944504
Frequency range (SAT) 950-2150 MHz
Frequency range (terrestrial)
47-790 MHz
Number of inputs
4 SAT (LNB...) + 1 FM/TV (TERR. ANT.)
Number of outputs
4 (REC...)
2 dB
5 dB
±2 dB
±2 dB
Isolation Between H/V polarizations
28 dB
Between inputs
TV/SAT 28 dB
Between outputs
30 dB
Return loss
TV input
10 dB
SAT inputs
11 dB
10 dB
Max output level
SAT: EN50083-3 101 dBµV
TV: EN50083-5 85 dBµV
Switching commands
13 V / 18 V
Switching threshold voltage
15±0.5 V
Total LNB current
Max 600 mA
Temperature range
 - 20ºC to + 50ºC
Supplying voltage
90-240 VAC; 40-60 Hz
 255x120x70 mm