5-outlet Power Strip with Surge Suppressor: Acar XProtector

Code: P1315
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The surge suppressor lessens the risk of damage to TV, radio, computer or other electronic equipment, caused by surges in power lines.
5-outlet Power Strip with Surge Suppressor: Acar XProtector

5-outlet Power Strip with Surge Suppressor: Acar XProtector
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Electric and phone lines form huge networks, spread around the world. Any equipment connected to the networks is exposed to all kinds of disturbances, including overvoltages. These are usually caused by atmospheric electric discharges (statistically, on average there are 20 storms a year in Europe), problems at power plants, switching on/off various high power devices etc.
In order to protect computers, audio/video equipment, faxes, modems, telephone-exchanges, measuring devices, and other equipment against such disturbances, it is necessary to use a protective device that would minimize the risk of damage to this expensive equipment.
The safety extension cord protects audio/video/computer equipment against power line surges, especially those cause by atmospheric discharges. It is not recommended to simultaneously connect to the power strip other equipment that generates interference, such as heaters, fridges, vacuum cleaners. The power strip has 5 grounded electrical outlets (it must be connected to a grounded power outlet).
Fuses protect against any short-circuits and power surges. The light indicates the power ON mode. This is the simplest protection from this line of safety products. Other versions also protect phone equipment, examine the state of grounding, have anti-interference filters.
Name ACAR 'XProtector' 5 outlets
Code P1315
Rated frequency [Hz] 50
Rated output current  (total) [A] 10
Fuses 2x 10 A / 250 VAC
Leakage current [mA] <0.5
Case plastic (self-extinguishing)
Number of power outlets
Length of the power cord [cm]140
Response time of overvoltage protection [ns] <25
Rated voltage of overvoltage protection
250 VAC 50 Hz
Voltage protection level [kV] <1.3
Rated discharge current
2 kA (L/N)-8/20 μs
Max discharge current
6.5 kA (L/N)-8/20 μs
Dimensions [mm] 365x65x52
Weight [kg] 0.5