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8-channel Passive Video Balun: Etrix 8VP
Code: M16664
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Video Transformer TR-1P/70
Front view
Video Transformer TR-1P/70
Rear view
Video Transformer TR-1P/70
View of the packaging
The 8-channel transmitter or receiver can transmit video signals from eight cameras via two 8-wire CAT5e UTP cables, preserving good quality. Each channel matches the impedance of unbalanced coaxial video output/input (75 ohm) to the impedance of the balanced line (100 ohm), ensuring proper video transmission via cat. 5 twisted pair cable from many types of cameras:
  • PAL (CVBS) up to 400 m
  • HD-TVI, AHD up to 200 m (720p) or 150 m (1080p)
  • HD-CVI up to 200 m
Distinguishing features
  • interference-free transmission of eight video signals
  • simpler and cheaper wiring - the eight video channels are transmitted via two UTP CAT5e cables
  • passive components - no power supply needed
  • built-in anti-interference filters
The type of cable and connector wiring
A UTP cable rated CAT5 or higher is required. The quality of the cable used has a direct impact on the image quality and transmission range.
The wires should be connected in accordance with the scheme TIA/EIA-586B for RJ-45 connectors. Coaxial cables terminated with BNC plugs are to be connected to BNC sockets.
RJ-45 wiring
Application diagram

The video signals from the cameras are transmitted via two UTP cables, using eight M16655 baluns and the 8-channel balun M16664
NameEtrix 8VP
Frequency range0...8 MHz
Impedance of coaxial input / output75 ohm
Impedance of balanced output / input100 ohm
Differential capacity (max)62 pF/m
Supported video systems
Supported standardsNTSC, PAL, SECAM, CCIR
Operating temperature-10°C...70°C
Storage temperature-30°C...70°C
Dimensions157 x 65 x 29 mm
(measured without BNC)
Price w/o taxPriceDisc.Validity  
18.51 EUR18.51 EUR0 %
8-channel Passive Video Balun: Etrix 8VP
Code: M16664