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9/32 Multiswitch: TERRA MR-932L (active terrestrial path, class A)
Code: R70832
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9/32 Multiswitch: TERRA MR-932L (active terrestrial path, class A)
View of the multiswitch
9/32 Multiswitch: TERRA MR-932L (active terrestrial path, class A)
Top view
Radial multiswitches of MR series are dedicated for small and medium (4-70 outlets) SMATV systems with distribution of the first SAT IF and terrestrial TV signals. The multiswitches have to work inside buildings. In the case of larger systems with multiple multiswitches, it is necessary to use splitters and taps of SD-9XX series to extend the signal lines.
The multiswitches of MR series are intended for systems wholly or partly based on star topology in which the cables to the terminal outlets go from one multiswitch or a group of multiswitches. This solution is optimal for single-family homes and many multifamily houses. In more complex systems the power supplies built into MR multiswitches can power other system components.
The MR-932L R70832 multiswitch has built-in amplifiers for terrestrial and satellite TV. The adjustment of the SAT IF and DVB-T (47-790 MHz) gain is made with dedicated switches. In comparison with potentiometers, this solution increases stability of the adjustments. Additionally, the MR-932L R70832 multiswitch has been equipped with passive terrestrial path (5-862 MHz) that should be applied in systems with return channel (the passive and active paths cannot be used simultaneously).
The active DVB-T path has LTE filter for eliminating unwanted signals in 800 MHz band (791-862 MHz) coming from LTE services.
The die-cast housing provides high screening efficiency by preventing the penetration of interfering signals to the unit.
The input SAT signals to multiswitch systems should be provided by QUATRO LNBs.
Distinguishing features
  • 9/32 multiswitch for systems with radial topology
  • Built-in cable loss correction
  • Groups of outputs with different output levels
  • Isolation between inputs better than 30 dB
  • Powering of optional terrestrial TV preamplifier
  • Active terrestrial TV path (47-790 MHz) with LTE filter
  • Passive terrestrial TV path (5-862 MHz)
  • Built-in power supply
  • Die-cast housing guarantying high screening efficiency (class A)
Number of outputs
Operating bands [MHz]SAT950 - 2400
DVB-T/Radio47 - 790
 Passive terr. path 5-862
Gain (incl. compensation of cable loss) [dB]SAToutputs 1-162...7
outputs 17-321...5
Active DVB-T/
Radio path
outputs 1-81...4
outputs 9-160...2
outputs 17-24-1...0
outputs 25-32 --2...-2
Attenuation [dB]
Passive terr. path  
 outputs 1-8 29
 outputs 9-16 31
 outputs 17-24 33
outputs 25-32  - 35
Gain adjustment in SAT path [dB]12 (step 4)
Gain adjustment in terrestrial TV path [dB]15 (step 1)
Max. level of SAT signal (IMD3=35dB)* [dBμV]93
Max. level of DVB-T signal (IMD3=60dB)* [dBμV]outputs 1-885
outputs 9-1683
outputs 16-2481
outputs 25-32-79
Isolation between SAT inputs [dB]> 30
Isolation between outputs [dB]> 30
Supply voltages at RF inputsH/Lo, H/Hi - 18 V;
V/Lo, V/Hi - 14 V;
Terr. TV - 12 V
Max current consumption from RF inputs [A]+18V &+14V &+12V< 0.1
+14 V &+12 V< 0.5
+12 V< 0.1
Current consumption from a subscriber's receiver input [mA]< 65
Control signals
14/18 V, 0/22 kHz,
tone burst or DiSEqC 1.0, DiSEqC 2.0
Screening efficiency class
Supply voltage and power consumption**230 VAC 50/60 Hz; 4 W
Operating temperature range [ºC]-20...+50
Dimensions [mm]293x135x52333x135x52
Weight [kg]1.752.15
* 2 carriers
** without additional load (up to 25 W with DC load by other units)
The multiswitch comes from well known Terra company that specializes in manufacturing professional RF equipment. The device has been designed for distribution of satellite and terrestrial TV and radio signals to a number of users (in SMATV systems). High manufacturing standards, stability and reliability make Terra multiswitches the leading market products. They are compatible with all satellite TV platforms.
An important advantage of MR-9XX multiswitches is diversification of signal levels at different groups of outputs. It ensures compensation for the differences in attenuation of various lengths of cables that have to be used in the system. Additionally, the multiswitches compensate the increased loss of signals at higher frequencies in the distribution cables (provide higher levels of the signals at these frequencies).
The device is powered with 230 VAC power network. All obligatory precautions for working with dangerous live voltages should be obeyed.
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9/32 Multiswitch: TERRA MR-932L (active terrestrial path, class A)
Code: R70832