9/4 Multiswitch: TERRA MS-952

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9/4 Cascadable Multiswitch: TERRA MS-951
View of the multiswitch

9/4 Cascadable Multiswitch: TERRA MS-951
Top view

The outline of the multiswitch (dimensions in mm)

The MS-952 multiswitch allows for combining terrestrial VHF and UHF signals with SAT IF (950-2150 MHz, from two satellites and four polarizations: VL–HL–VH–HH), and for sending all the signals via single coax to four satellite receivers. In the case when the number of subscribers exceeds four, the system should be extended by cascadable multiswitches MS-951 R70951. Larger systems may require to use Terra SA-901 R70901 amplifier.
The multiswitch can be powered from SA-901 R70901 amplifier or (locally) from R71465 power supply.





IF frequency range

0.95-2.3 GHz

TV frequency range

5-862 MHz

IF tap gain

3 dB

TV tap gain

-19 dB

Output level IMD3=30dB

93 dBuV

Sat inputs decoupling

>30 dB

Sat outputs decoupling

>30 dB

Terrestrial outputs decoupling

>30 dB

Sat through attenuation


Terrestrial through attenuation


Current consumption from receiver

<60 mA

Control signals V/Lo H/Lo
V/Hi H/Hi

11.5-14.5 V/0kHz 16.5-19 V/0 kHz
11.5-14.5 V/22 kHz 16.5-19 V/22 kHz
Satellite A/B – DiSEqC 2.0
or Burst Tone

Powering (2.1/5.5 mm socket)

+18 V / 1 A (e.g. R71465)

Working temperature

-20°C to +50°C


199x106x34 mm


0.37 kg