ACTi in the mainstream

DIPOL has been cooperating with ACTi since 2005. For the three years the company - well known and highly regarded in the world - has also won recognition in Poland. In 2007 DIPOL was the largest distributor of ACTi products in Central and Eastern Europe.
ACTi at IFSEC 2008, Birmingham
It's time for revolutionary changes in video surveillance. The main pillars are: use of megapixel cameras, implementation of MPEG-4 compression with H.264 codec, image analysis. ACTi is the leader of the mainstream. The company offers megapixel cameras, both with H.264 compression and proprietary NVR system.
Dynamic staff of ACTi - the stand at IFSEC 2008
During the event ACTi invited the visitors to the seminar "H.264 megapixel solutions - a new era in video surveillance". A very interesting and profound lecture was delivered by Mr. Juber Chu, the CEO of ACTi Corporation. It included forecasts for market share of megapixel cameras and H.264 compression on the CCTV market.
Market research shows that in 2011 H.264 will catch up with MPEG-4 and then become the undisputed leader
ACTi offers many models of CCTV cameras, especially those of megapixel resolution. These cameras, both for indoor and outdoor applications, feature stable operation and high image quality. They stand out with unrivaled quality / price ratio.
During the latest IFSEC in Birmingham the company presented its newest 1.25 Mpix IP camera TCM-5300 with SONY 1/3'' CCD, implementing H.264 compression and dual stream. We will offer the camera soon.
3 Mpix IP camera TCM-5300
ACTi invests in the development of new technologies and continuously extends the offer, providing extremely wide range of professional cameras.
Example applications of ACTi equipment:
Wireless IP surveillance system in shipyard, Barcelona
Some projects that have been completed using equipment supplied by DIPOL
IP CCTV system in Zlotow, Poland
Video surveillance system in Myslenice
Monitoring center in Myslenice near Krakow
The entrance to the city
The most wanted ACTi cameras available in DIPOL's offer
MPEG-4 IP Camera: ACTi ACM-1311 (IR)
IP Speed Dome Camera: ACTi CAM-6630
Fixed IP camera
ACTi IR ACM-1311
Speed dome camera
ACTi CAM-6630
Megapixel IP camera
ACTi ACM-4200