Active Return Path Plug-in pr 04-65 (for broadband amplifiers of Terra DA-1xx series)

Code: R824602
This product is no longer available
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Base Unit UC-380 (for Modular Headend MMH-3000)
View of a plug-in from the pr 04-xx series
The pr 04-xx plug-ins are dedicated for the Terra DA-xx series of broadband amplifiers used primarily in two-way cable systems. The modules allow for shaping the characteristics of the amplifier in the return path. The plug-ins enable choice of the band of the active return channel (three options). Each module is equipped with potentiometers for gain and slope control (the latter to the parameters of the cable used). The optional plug-ins from pr 05-xx series have sockets for JXP-xx (sub) plug-ins R824505 instead.
The return channel band of the pr 04-65 R824602 module is 5-65 MHz.
Name pr 04-30 pr 04-55 pr 04-65
Code R82460 R824601 R824602
Band 5-30 MHz 5-55 MHz 5-65 MHz
Gain 20/25 dB
Output level IMD3=60 118 dBuV
Gain adjustment
20 dB (continuous)
Slope adjustment
15 dB (continuous)
Noise figure
5 dB


Nazwa pr 04-30 pr 04-55 pr 04-65
Kod R82460 R824601 R824601
Pasmo 5-30 MHz 5-55 MHz 5-65 MHz
Wzmocnienie 20/25dB
Poziom wyjściowy IMD3=60 118 dBuV
Regulacja wzmocnienia 20 dB (płynne)
Korekcja ch-ki tłumienia 15 dB (płynne)
Współczynnik szumów 5 dB