Adjustable Power Supply ZS 12/100 (for antenna amplifiers)

Code: D0015
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Power Supply ZS 12/100 (12VDC/100mA, for antenna amplifiers)
This power supply is designed to provide power to preamplifiers/amplifiers in small terrestrial antenna systems (requiring 12 VDC, with current consumption up to 100 mA). The voltage is adjustable to optimize the working conditions of the preamplifier/amplifier.
The power supply is protected against accidental shorting. The LED indicator shows the presence of the output voltage. The included power supply injector allows power transmission to the preamp/amplifier placed in an antenna box via the same coaxial cable which provides RF signals to the receiver. The knob on the top of the adapter is used for adjusting the value of the output voltage.
Name ZS 12/100
Code D0015
Input 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Output +12 V adjustable, 100 mA, IEC plug
Dimensions 77 x 47 x 80 mm
Weight 0.19 kg


Nazwa ZS 12/100
Kod D0015
Wejście AC 230V 50Hz
Wyjście +12V regulowane 100mA wtyk IEC
Wymiary 77 x 47 x 80 mm
Masa 0,19 kg