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AI Lens: 1634D-CS 1.6-3.4 DC F1.4
Code: M2116
Withdrawn from the offer
The 1634D-CS lens features auto iris (AI) with DC control and manually adjustable focal length. It is ideal for small rooms or outdoor areas. With a wide angle of view, it provides an overall panorama of the monitored area.
AI Lens: 1634D-CS 1.6-3.4 DC F1.4
View of the lens

NameAI lens 1634D-CS
Focal length [mm]1.6 - 3.4
Minimum focusing distance [cm]-
Dedicated size of image sensor ["]1/3
Viewing angle (1/3")
horizontally [o]
vertically [o]
172 - 78
126 - 58
Manual irisNO
Auto iris (AI)
AI control method
Dimensions [mm]85x50x50
Weight [kg]0.12
Additional information
metal flanges
focal length and focus blocking
The lens allows for manual adjustment of focal length from 1.6 to 3.4 mm, which enables the installer to select the desired viewing angle. For cameras with 1/3" sensors it may be set within the range 172o do 78o (horizontally).
The lens features Auto Iris capability, with DC control.
Withdrawn from the offer
AI Lens: 1634D-CS 1.6-3.4 DC F1.4
Code: M2116