Aluminum Satellite Dish: CORAB COR-900 SAE AL-J (90cm)

Code: A9606
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• High quality and resistance to weather conditions
• Durable construction
• New reinforced mount
• Wide range of azimuth-elevation adjustment


2-year warranty.



The COR-900 SA AL-J A9606 satellite dish has very good technical parameters. The reflector is made of aluminum and covered with powder paint. The arm made of steel.
Distinguishing features:
  • high quality and resistance to weather conditions
  • durable construction
  • new reinforced mount
  • wide range of azimuth-elevation adjustment


Name COR-900
Product type Satellite dish
type Offset
Size cm 90
Color Light
Manufacturer CORAB
Reflector Material Aluminium
thickness mm 1,25
Dimensions mm 904 × 800
Gain for 11.7 GHz dBi 39,1
for 12.7 GHz dBi 41,2
Focal length mm 393
f/D ratio - 0,49
LNB mounting diameter mm 40
Max. mast diameter mm 60
Dimensions mm 948 × 844
Weight kg 4