Antenna Plug (IEC): Cabelcon (angular, RG-6/Triset-113, "Self-Install")

Code: E3001
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• IEC plug with very good parameters, for everyone
• Ideal for televisions mounted on walls or outlets behind furniture
• Screening efficiency 115 dB
• Simple installation without special tools


3-year warranty.



The E3001 angular antenna plug from Cabelcon, Denmark, is intended for applications in home antenna systems. The patented design, based on "Self-Install" concept, ensures professional, durable connection. What is important, no compression tool is needed.
Installation instructions
Installation steps: preparing the cable end, sliding the plastic cap onto the cable, inserting the plug body so that the sleeve enters under the braid, screwing the cap onto the threaded body. All the operations take no more than 15 seconds.
The connector installed properly is fully integrated with the cable, however the plug is reusable - the cap can be unscrewed and the plug pulled off. It may be useful, for example, when the antenna cable must be shortened or replaced.
The cable can be quickly prepared for the installation with the use of one of the tools, E8010 or E8011 (the latter is also a wrench for tightening F connectors).
Distinguishing features
  • class A screening effectiveness,
  • 3 GHz band,
  • no need for a compression tool,
  • reusable,
  • high quality and reliability,
  • connection stability,
  • designed for cables with dielectric diameter of 4.9-5.1 mm.
The connector is compatible with the following cables:


Product type Plug
connector type IEC
Cable mounting Self-compressing
Toolless Yes
Cable family Triset-113, RG-6 Dipolnet, RG-6 Tri-Shield Dipolnet
Angled connector Yes
Specyfikacja techniczna
Impedance Ohm 75
Frequency range MHz 5...3000
Shielding class A