Antenna Support URI-38Z100 (100 cm)

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Galvanized support for mounting antennas. It fits masts of diameter not larger than 50 mm, can be used on balustrades.
• Antenna support mounted to a mast, balustrade etc.
• Length ca. 100 cm
• For horizontal or vertical installation
• 2x M8 U-bolts with accessories included
• All components galvanized - resistant to corrosion


3-year warranty.



The URI-38Z100 support with length of 100 cm fits masts of diameter not larger than 50 mm. The set includes two M8 U-bolt clamps, as seen in the picture. Vertical installation is also possible (as an extension of an existing mast). In this case the clamps should be placed in different position (crosswise). The support is galvanized.


Product type Antenna mount
Installation Balustrade
type URL-38Z100
type Simple
Material Galvanized steel
Handle length mm 1010
Tilt adjustment No
Clip included No
Parametry montażu anteny
Pipe diameter mm 38
Applications DVB-T/Radio antennas, Telecommunications antennas, Satellite dishes