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Antenna Triplexer AZ/1-12/k26,52/21-69/DC
Code: C0486
Withdrawn from the offer
View of the multiplexer

View of the interior of the box.

It is three-input antenna branching filter, used as a triplexer for combining signals from three antennas, installed on a mast near the antenna set. This realization has been made for predetermined combination of channels. The multiplexer is designed for outdoor work. Its casing's construction prevents rain water from getting to the inside of the device.

AZ/1-12/k26, 52/21-69/DC



Band of inputs - TV channels1-12*26, 52*21-69* except for ch. 26, 52 
and the two adjacent ones
Band of inputs [MHz] 48-230 510-518, 718-726 470-862
Through loss [dB]1.533
Rejection loss [dB]15
Input / output impedance [ohm]75
Withdrawn from the offer
Antenna Triplexer AZ/1-12/k26,52/21-69/DC
Code: C0486