Antennas on Jacob's Path


The old Celtic magical path, going to periphery of the world, for above a thousand years gathered pilgrims from whole Europe. Primarily, the aim was Finister Peninsula, the most westward point of the continent. In the Middle Ages the purpose changed and the number of people on the path increased, the cult of Saint Jacob attracted pilgrims from all over Europe to undertake a few month's or even a few years' expeditions. Roads beginning in Germany, France, Italy and even in British Isles, for a few hundreds years represented communication core of Europe, the place of information exchange and deep reflection on life. With the passing of time the aim of journeys of Europeans have become Mediterranean beaches rather and exchange of information has been simplified by telephones, radio and television. In last years Jacob's Path revives - is it passing trend, or the eternal human need to experience metaphysics of life?

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The center of radio line in mountains between Atapuerca and Burgos. It's the place where converge dozens of radio paths. La Rioja, with its famous vineyards - the routes of many European pilgrims meet here.
Middle waves antenna nearby Logrono - voice goes fast and far. On the way pilgrims have time for long talks.
GSM base station and antennas of WLAN networks in Leon Mountains between Astorga and Ponferrada - such masts accompany modern roads. Jacob's Path is marked with poles with shell symbol.
The Middle Ages monasteries (monastery of Benedictines in Samos) fulfilled important cultural functions. Thanks to LMDS antennas it is possible to create a few dozen kilometers long wireless network of cable television (Ponferrada) - we will see cultural effects after years.
Double reflector satellite dish Cassegraina and TV antenna enable the inhabitants to view the world. Will the occupants of this "house" have enough time to admire the surroundings?
Information used to come to hostels and inns together with the pilgrim, nowadays its way to hotels is significantly faster.
The highest elevation on the path - Cruz de Ferro (1505m) - according to tradition pilgrims from whole Europe have been carrying here stones from their family regions for a few hundreds years now, happily nobody tried to build an antenna mast yet.
Knights of the Temple of Solomon have built high towers on the castle in Ponferrada to control the area. Nowadays, simpler constructions are sufficient not to be surprised by modern world.
Antennas of Televes company ensure good reception of TV images even from longest distances, but young people from Poland prefer to see Spain on their own.
VSAT dishes support modern society and business (post office in Granon), but would they be useful to the author of this cathedral portal in Burgos?
Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela - the aim of Jacob's Path pilgrims.
Finister Peninsula - end of the world for medieval people. Antenna of shortwave radio station at the end of the peninsula, the most westward antenna in Europe.
The map of main pilgrim paths in Europe. As it can be seen, all roads lead to... Santiago de Compostela.