A typical antenna has symmetrical output of 300 ohm impedance, while coaxial cable is unsymmetrical load of 75 ohm impedance. This is why an impedance transformer must be used. The antenna impedance transformer is passive RF device which both transforms the impedance and adjusts the output to standa...
Code: C0001

A typical antenna has a balanced output with 300 ohm impedance, while a coaxial cable is an unbalanced load with 75 ohm impedance. So, an impedance transformer (often called balun) must be used. A balun is a passive device which uses a transformer to change the impedance and character of the output ...
Code: C0002

Antenna balun C0003, channels 6-48
• Input channels 6-48
• Input impedance: 300Ω
• Output impedance: 75Ω
• Attenuation < 1.5 dB
Code: C0003