Big Brother is watching you in the crowd - IFSEC 2011

A panoramic camera with a resolution of more than 125 times greater than that used in conventional CCTV systems and a system capable of identifying people in the crowd received the prizes for the best products at the International Fire and Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) 2011 in Birmingham.
Panomera - multi sensor system with highest detail resolution, up to 51MP
The Panomera multi-sensor system offered by Dallmeier company has been designed for comprehensive video monitoring of large facilities such as stadiums. The recorded material can consist of up to 51 megapixels, the recording speed can reach 30 fps!. The movement of selected individuals can be automatically tracked, thanks to intelligent analysis of the video. All the time the system ensures permanent recording of the entire panoramic scene, allowing further analysis of other details.
Panomera combines features of megapixel IP cameras and PTZ equipment
The second winner was the software presented by iOmniscient, regarded as the only solution existing in the market capable of identifying faces in a crowd. The system can recognize people wearing headgear and glasses, located at different angles relative to the axes of the camera lenses.
iOmniscient is an Australian based company known for years for its innovative ideas in the field of security systems. Its detection and identification products are used in the most demanding environments with a high degree of risk, such as airports, railway stations, shopping malls.
Manufacturers, in response to market demand, prepared advanced solutions for automated surveillance of large gatherings of people. Video surveillance, so far associated with the protection of places/objects, is entering the field of counter-terrorism security and identification of people.
Currently, the development of CCTV is based on intelligent analysis of the video. The award-winning solutions enable not only to recognize an individual, but also to find the person in the crowd in a very large facility (e.g. a stadium).
ONVIF is already a reality - at least when it comes to cameras ...
IP cameras compliant with the ONVIF standard have become a reality. Nowadays, even small Chinese manufacturers producing analog cameras also offer ONVIF-compatible devices. Many reports show that ONVIF is becoming more popular than its American competitor, PSIA.
However, it is important to realize that the megapixel race has slowed down - until the telecommunications infrastructure is fully based on fiber optics. 2-megapixel cameras have become a standard, but 4 MP not yet.
The biggest surprise was the number of new proposals in the field of analog CCTV. The cameras have more and more sensitive image sensors and some features of intelligent image analysis, so far reserved for IP CCTV equipment.
Analog cameras with increased horizontal resolution (over 540TVL) can now provide excellent footage, due to new DVRs capable of recording the high-resolution video - such a DVR was also presented by Hikvision (WD1: 960x576 - PAL).
High-definition serial digital interface (HD-SDI), the standard of digital image transmission over coaxial cables, was the most notable new element of the fair. It provides means for natural evolution of analog cameras. The demand for simple, compatible, reliable solutions is so large that the technology based on HD-SDI can become a serious competitor to IP CCTV. The main advantages are high resolution, full compatibility of the equipment, practically no delays in data transmission, possibility of using the existing systems based on coaxial cables (range up to 300 m).
A lack of compression in the cameras and frame rates up to 60 fps are also considered as important advantages in some applications. The natural disadvantage is the large volume of the uncompressed video high prices of the equipment. Fortunately, the cost of archiving is getting smaller and smaller. Also the manufacturers of the equipment promise significantly lower prices in the fall.
HDcctv Alliance has been established to ensure coherent development of this technology.
Some exhibitors focused on specialized solutions...
..., including a camera with fish-eye lens,...
... others showed an incredible wide range of products.
The visitors could see every detail
The captains of the industry
Tracking trends in the development of CCTV systems is essential in winning the market
As every year, there were awarded innovative and practical solutions
Not only security technology...