Broadband Cable Amplifier: Terra HA-205R65



Building Amplifier: Terra HA-123
View of the amplifier

Building Amplifier: Terra HA-123
View of the inside of the amplifier shows its solidity
Building Amplifier: Terra HA-123
House/building amplifier HA-205R65 is equipped with output stage using Gal-As semiconductor components, working in push-pull mode. The amplifier has been designed for cable and MATV systems with return path/channel and enables signal level equalization in forward and return path.
Another advantage of the HA-205R65 R82307 amplifier is the driver stage based on SiGe (silicon-germanium) chip. This solution significantly reduces nonlinear distortion, especially that of the second order.
The amplifier has built-in attenuator, test connectors (-20 dB), active return path, and allows for compensation of the cable attenuation dependent on frequency. All connectors are of the F-type.
The compensation circuits have two stages in order to guarantee maximum signal-to-noise ratio.
The die-cast housing provides high screening efficiency by preventing the penetration of interfering signals to the unit. High level of output signal and built-in compensation of the cable attenuation characteristics allow for building large RF distribution systems.
Key features
  • push-pull output stage made of Gal-As semiconductor components
  • attenuator and cable attenuation equalizer (forward path)
  • equalizer between the 1st and 2nd stage of forward path
  • selectable active/passive return path
  • attenuator at the input of return path
  • attenuator and equalizer at the output of return path
  • test connector (input, -20 dB)
  • test connector (output, -20 dB)
Name HA-205R65
Code R82307
Forward path
Frequency range [MHz] 47 - 862
Gain [dB] 27/36
Pass-band ripple [dB] ± 0.75
Gain adjustment [dB] 18
Cable loss compensation [dB] 18
Input and output return loss ≥ 14 dB at 40 MHz, -1.5 dB/octave, not less than 10 dB
Output level CTB, CSO (EN50083-3) [dBμV] 109
Noise figure [dB] 7.5
Test point loss [dB] -20
  Return path
Frequency range [MHz] 5 - 65 
Gain [dB]   27/-4
Pass-band ripple [dB]
 ± 0.75
Gain adjustment [dB]   18
Cable loss compensation [dB]
Input attenuator [dB] -10/0
Return loss (output) [dB] > 14 
Max output level IMD3=60 dB (DIN45004B) [dBμV] 115 
Noise figure [dB]
Supply voltage; power consumption
230 VAC, 50 Hz; 5 W
Temperature operating range [ºC] -20...+50
Dimensions (packaging) [mm] 185x91x47
Weight [kg]   0.7


Product type FM/TV House Amplifier
Model HA-205R65
Applications Indoor
Operating band FM/VHF/UHF
Inputs/Outputs Number of inputs 1
No. of outputs 1
DC 0/12 V switch No
Gain control Yes
Parametry wzmocnienia
Input 1 Frequency MHz 5...65/47...862
Gain dB -4/27 (return channel), 27/36 (transmission channel)
Gain control dB 0...18
Preamplifier power supply V/A None
Pre-correction of cable attenuation characteristics Yes
VHF dB 0...18
UHF dB 0...18
Return channel dB -6/-3/0
Device specifications
Max. output level IMD2=60 dB (EN50083-3) dBµV 109
Inner noise VHF dB 7
UHF dB 7
Return channel dB 7
Die-cast enclosure Yes
Signal connector type F
Return channel Yes
RF test output Yes
Power supply V AC 230/50 Hz
Power consumption W 5
Operating temperature °C -20...+50
Dimensions mm 185 × 91 × 47
Weight kg 0,72