Buffer Power Supply: HPSB 11A12C (9.5-13.8VDC, 11A)



Buffer Power Supply: HPSB 11A12C (9.5-13.8VDC, 11A)
View of the power supply

Buffer Power Supply: HPSB 11A12C (9.5-13.8VDC, 11A)
View of the inside
Distinguishing features:
  • Wide range of input voltage: 176÷264 VAC;
  • High efficiency (83%);
  • Output protection against short circuit (SCP), excessive voltage (OVP), overloading (OLP), tampering;
  • Battery charging circuit separated from the main output circuit;
  • Automatic protection against excessive discharge of the battery;
  • Battery charging current 1 A / 4 A (switchable with a jumper);
  • LED indicators.
HPSB 11A12C M1865 buffer power supply has been designed to ensure continuous supply for devices requiring 12 VDC or similar stabilized voltage (9.5...13.8 V). Its modern switch-mode converter shows 83% efficiency and provides stable low-noise DC voltage (the ripple and noise level below 120 mVp-p).
During normal operation, the output voltage is converted by the SMPS from AC power network, and the attached rechargeable battery is maintained in a charged state. In the case of a power network outage, the power is supplied by the rechargeable battery instead. There is a protection against battery deep discharge, which switches off the power supply when the voltage falls below 9.5 V.
The HPSB 11A12C M1865 power supply is sold without a rechargeable battery.
Name HPSB 11A12C
Code M1865
Input voltage
176-264 VAC 50 Hz
Output voltage
9.5-13.8 VDC
Rated power consumption
155 W
Rated efficiency
Max output current (total)
11 A
Battery charging current
1 A or 4 A *
Number of outputs 1
Max output current (external load)
10 A or 7 A *
Backup rechargeable battery (not incl.) 17 Ah max.
Short-circuit protection automatic
Overload protection
Overvoltage protection
Operating temperature -10°C...40°C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 285x297x 88 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Remarks Metal housing
*two options available: 10 A (external load) + 1 A (battery charging), or 7 A (external load) + 4 A (battery charging)


Model HPSB11A12C
Product type Buffer
power output W 155
Brand Pulsar
Input parameters voltage AC V 176...264
Frequency Hz 50...60
connector type Screw
Output parameters number of outputs 1
voltage DCV 13.8 – buffer operation; 9.5...13.8 – battery operation
output current A 10 + 1 (battery charging); 7 + 4 (battery charging) – jumper-switchable
connector type Screw
Battery space 17Ah/12V
protection Overcurrent Yes
overvoltage Yes
short-circuit Yes
SCP battery circuit protection and reverse polarity connection Fuse
battery over-discharge protection UVP U<10V (± 5%) – odłączenie zacisku akumulatora
Enclosure IP rating IP20
Optical operation indication Yes, for AC and DC voltage
Operating temperature °C -10...40
Dimensions mm 280 × 292 × 82
Weight kg 2,4