Buffer Power Supply PSDCB09129C (13.8V/9A/9x1A/17Ah, for 9 analog cameras)



Buffer Power Supply PSDCB09129C (13.8V/9A/9x1A/17Ah, for 9 analog cameras)
View of the power supply

Buffer Power Supply PSDCB09129C (13.8V/9A/9x1A/17Ah, for 9 analog cameras)
View of the inside
The PSDCB09129C buffer power supply has been designed to ensure continuous power supply for devices requiring 12 VDC (+/-15%) voltage. The outputs provide 13.8 VDC voltage. Additionally, the power supply charges the battery (not included).
Operation options:
1. Output currents: 9 x 1 A + 1 A (battery charging)
2. Output currents: 9 x 0.77 A + 4 A (battery charging)

The maximum total output current is 11 A.
In the case of a power failure, the circuits are immediately switched to battery power. The power supply unit is based on a highly efficient module operating in switching mode. The metal housing (RAL 9003 color) can accommodate a 12 V 17 Ah rechargeable battery and is equipped with a microswitch for signalling door opening.
Name PSDCB05129C
Code M1867
Input voltage [VAC] 176 - 265
Output voltage [VDC]  11...13.8  – buffer mode
9.5...13.8  – battery mode
Maximum output currents (temperature <30°C) 9 x 1 A + 1 A (battery charging)
9 x 0.77 A + 4 A (battery charging)
Overload protection
Overvoltage protection
Short circuit protection
yes (fuses)
Under Voltage Protection (UVP) U<9.5 V (± 5%) – automatic battery cut-off
Optical indication of operation yes
Operating temperature range [°C] 0... +40
Dimensions [mm] 280 x 292 x 80+8
Weight [kg] 2.64
Remarks 8 mm distance elements between the rear panel and a mounting plane



Model PSDCB09129C
Product type Buffer
power output W 155
Brand Pulsar
Input parameters voltage AC V 176...264
Frequency Hz 47...63
connector type Screw
Output parameters number of outputs 9
voltage DCV 11...13.8 – buffer operation 9.5...13.8 DC – battery operation
output current A 9 × 1 + 1 (battery charging) or 9 × 0.77 + 4 (battery charging)
connector type Screw
Battery space 17Ah/12V
protection Overcurrent Yes
overvoltage Yes
short-circuit Yes
SCP battery circuit protection and reverse polarity connection Fuse
battery over-discharge protection UVP U<10V (± 5%) – odłączenie zacisku akumulatora
Enclosure IP rating IP20
Optical operation indication Yes, for AC and DC voltage
Operating temperature °C -10...40
Dimensions mm 280 × 292 × 82
Weight kg 2,4