Car DVR camera system: PROTECT 802 (2 channels, GPS, accelerometer)

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Car DVR camera system: PROTECT 802 (2 channels, GPS, accelerometer)
Front view
Car DVR camera system: PROTECT 802 (2 channels, GPS, accelerometer)
Rear view
Car DVR camera system: PROTECT 802 (2 channels, GPS, accelerometer)
The included accessories

Car DVR camera system: PROTECT 802 (2 channels, GPS, accelerometer)
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Distinguishing features
  • front 90° camera, tilted (+/- 20°),
  • rear 120° camera,
  • LCD 2.7'' monitor (58 x 33 mm),
  • max. recording resolution of 1280x480 pixels (side-by-side images from both channels), 30 fps,
  • built-in GPS module,
  • external GPS antenna,
  • built-in accelerometer (in three axes),
  • built-in loudspeaker,
  • built-in microphone,
  • built-in rechargeable battery
  • powered from the cigarette lighter socket (12-24 VDC, miniUSB plug),
  • supported flash cards: Micro SDHC 4...32 GB,
  • artificial lighting flicker reduction,
  • fixed to the windshield with a suction cup,
  • played back recordings show:
    • images from both cameras,
    • GPS location on Google maps,
    • GPS coordinates,
    • speed (km/h),
    • acceleration in three axes,
    • recording date/time,
    • file size.
Protect 802 is a mobile device (for indoor applications, typically inside vehicles) combining two cameras and DVR capable of recording high-resolution video (1280x480 from both cameras - side by side) and audio, plus GPS data and 3D accelerometer readings. The kit includes a suction cup with a handle (to be mounted on flat surfaces, such as glass, polished or enameled metal) and 12-24 VDC / 5 VDC power supply with plug for cigarette lighter socket.
Installation of the unit is quick and simple. The positioning of the camera does not cause any problems due to 2.7" LCD monitor providing live view, simultaneously from both cameras. The buttons on the unit allow the user to perform the embedded functions and navigate the menu.
Thanks to special construction and high performance, the device is a versatile tool for monitoring and recording video from inside and outside vehicles. It can document the itinerary and traffic incidents, record various events etc. The DVR camera system may be used by car owners, by carriers, on public transport, and for many other purposes that require mobile video surveillance device with GPS tagging. The fixed lenses with very little distortion ensure wide, 90-degree viewing angle of the front camera, and 120-degree viewing of the rear camera directed toward the interior of the (usually) vehicle. For comparison, the perception of the human eye is limited to an angle of 90 degrees.
So, when installing the device by the rear-view mirror, the front camera sees the road and shoulder. The camera can be tilted within +/- 20° range. Simultaneously, the rear camera monitors the whole interior of the vehicle (e.g. a cab or a bus). High-sensitivity CMOS image sensor ensures clear video even in low-light conditions.
The video recording can be carried out in two modes: using external power supply or the built-in rechargeable battery. In the first case, the DVR starts recording when the DVR is connected to an external power source (for example, it can be activated only after the vehicle's engine has been started), and stops it immediately after switching off the external power supply. Using the built-in battery, the user can switch it on and off at any moment (recording is started automatically after switching on). However, the user can manually stop and resume recording without switching off/on the device. For the convenience of the user and longer battery life, there is option turning off the screen after 30 seconds from the start.
The video is recorded in resolution of 1280x480 pixels from both channels, or 640x480 pixels from one channel, at 30 fps. The video quality is sufficient for analyzing traffic incidents, behavior of people, and even recognizing people's faces or license plate numbers (of cause it depends on the distance of the objects from the front camera). The kit includes GPS antenna, which, connected to the device, activates its GPS module inserting to the video recorded onto the memory card the information on speed and geographic location. On the continuous basis the system also records data from its 3D accelerometer (X, Y, Z axes).
The video and data are recorded on Micro SDHC (Micro TF) card (supported capacity from 4 to 32 GB). The card is formatted at the start of the device. The recordings combine GPS and acceleration data in a proprietary format. After moving the card to a reader on a PC platform (Windows/MAC), it provides dedicated player (JPlayer). After running the player, the user can play back the recorded video files, protect them against overwriting, read the speed values and GPS locations on Google maps (the PC has to be connected to the Internet), view graphs illustrating acceleration for each axis separately. It is possible to create screenshots of the video. The recordings can be converted to AVI format (MJPG) that can be played by any media player. Single video files are converted together with GPS data and they can be replayed by the original player. The conversion of several "neighboring" video clips will automatically merge them into a larger AVI file without GPS data.
The DVR automatically protects the recorded material against overwriting in the case of a shock detected by the accelerometer, which usually occurs as the result of a road collision. The data can be unlocked manually by the user, who may also block access to recordings on the card by setting a password access. This function is available in the JPlayer application.
4 GB memory card can store about 65 minutes of recordings (two channels simultaneously). In the case of recording one channel, the time increases to about 140 minutes.
In addition to the video, the device can also record sound. All recordings can be played back on the LCD monitor. The options include key tone on/off, artificial lighting flicker reduction (50Hz or 60Hz), the accelerometer threshold.
The video includes date and time stamp.
The device can record video only with the built-in cameras and sound from the built-in microphone, there is no possibility of connecting external signal sources.
The images from the cameras are clear, even in poor road conditions and feeble light inside the vehicle
The dedicated player displays the video with speed values and GPS locations on Google maps, as well as accelerometer graphs
Name PROTECT 802
Code M70802
Recording resolution

1280x480 (two channels simultaneously)
640x480 (one channel)

Frame rate
30 fps (each channel)
Video compression
proprietary/ MJPG (conversion to AVI)
Image sensors
Audio recording
YES (on/off, built-in microphone)
Recording modes
continuous, by external power supply
Internal memory NO
Removable memory card
Micro SDHC
4...32 GB
File format
proprietary or conversion to AVI
PC interface USB 2.0
Viewing angle
front 90°, rear 120°
LCD screen
2.7'' (16:9)
Power 5 VDC (MiniUSB via plug for cigarette lighter socket 12-24 VDC), built-in rechargeable battery
Rechargeable battery
Included accessories

24-12VDC/5VDC adapter,
handle with a suction cup,
GPS antenna

Working environment indoors
Dimensions 126x33x50 mm


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