Carbon monoxide and gas detector: Zamel CTG-02

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The CTG-02 detector is designed for continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide, natural gas and propane butane concentration in the air. On detection of a hazardous concentration of gas, the device activates the audible and visual alarm and also displays the concentration level and type of gas detected on the LCD display. It is mains powered (power adapter included) but also has an emergency battery power supply. The detector is equipped with advanced solid-state and electrochemical sensors. The detector complies with the standard for carbon monoxide detectors: PN-EN50291-1:2018.
Every single detector manufactured by ZAMEL is tested in a specialized test chamber and certified for correct operation (detection of carbon monoxide concentration at the level of 300 ppm in less than 3 minutes).
Key features:
  • 2 in 1 detector detects hazardous concentrations of carbon monoxide, natural gas and propane butane,
  • power supply with the included power adapter,
  • damage and end of sensor life (self-diagnostic system) indication,
  • tested in Poland, certified for correct detection of carbon monoxide concentration at 300ppm in less than 3 minutes,
  • emergency battery power supply (CR17450 battery) in case of mains power failure,
  • sensor life 7 years,
  • LCD display showing current level of carbon monoxide and gas concentration,
  • carbon monoxide detection levels (according to PN-EN50291-1: 2018): 30 ppm (for more than 120 minutes), 100 ppm ( for 10 to 40 minutes), 300 ppm ( for up to 3 minutes),
  • visual and audible alarm signalling (90 dB).


Model CTG-02
Product type Detector
type Carbon monoxide, Propane-butane gas, Natural gas
Brand Zamel
Color White
Housing material Plastic
Installation Indoor
Cable length m 1
Supply voltage DC V 5
Battery type CR17450
Operating temperature °C 0...+45
Max. humidity % 90
Detector housing dimensions mm 95 × 95 × 30