Carbon Monoxide Detector KIDDE 5DCO (LCD)

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Carbon Monoxide Detector KIDDE 5DCO (LCD)
Carbon Monoxide Detector KIDDE 5DCO (LCD)
Carbon Monoxide Detector KIDDE 5DCO (LCD)
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Carbon Monoxide Detector KIDDE 5DCO (LCD)
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The 5DCO carbon monoxide detector with LCD display is used for continuous monitoring of premises exposed to the danger of this poisonous gas. Every 15 seconds the device shows current level of carbon monoxide in the range of 0 to 999 PPM. The sensor is equipped with optical (red LED) and acoustic signaling (85 dB alarm sound) which automatically starts when a threat is detected. Its TEST / RESET button is used for verifying all functions of the sensor, and PEAK LEVEL button allows for reading the maximum value of CO concentration stored in the memory of the sensor.

Thanks to the fact that the unit is battery-powered, it is independent from the AC power network and can be installed in any suitable place. The user is informed on low battery or a malfunction by a sound signal and relevant message on the LCD. The device is covered by a 7-year warranty. During that time, it does not require any calibration (the maintenance is only limited to battery exchange). After 7-year protection period the unit has to be replaced by a new one.
  • one of the world's most precise electrochemical CO sensors,
  • LCD display (0 ... 999 PPM),
  • loud alarm sound,
  • peak level memory,
  • Test / Reset button,
  • battery-operated device - independence from AC power network,
  • low battery, error and end of product life alarms,
  • wall or ceiling mountable (can also be placed on a flat surface),
  • ergonomic and tough casing,
  • easy to mount and operate,
  • certified to EN50291-1:2010 (home CO detectors),
  • 7-year warranty.
To ensure proper operation of the sensors and to avoid false alarms, the detectors should not be installed in areas exposed to dust, dirt, grease or household chemicals. It is necessary to avoid places where the temperature may exceed the operating range (attics, garages etc) and keep the devices away (min. 1.8 m) from any appliance that may be a source of CO. False alarms can also be triggered after placing the devices near chimney or ventilation grilles, fireplaces, ceiling fans, doors, windows and wherever their operation may be affected by the movement of fresh air or changing weather conditions. The detectors cannot be covered by furniture, curtains or other objects that may block the access of air to the sensors.
CO alarm threshold levels and alarm activation times are compliant with EN 50291-1:2010:
  • 30 PPM - no alarm before 120 minutes
  • 50 PPM - alarm between 60-90 minutes
  • 100 PPM - alarm between 10-40 minutes
  • 300 PPM - alarm within 3 minutes
Name 5DCO
Code G9985
Category Carbon monoxide detector
Autonomous operation YES
Sensors Electrochemical
Optical alarm
LED, LCD display
Sound alarm 85 dB
Environment humidity range
 Up to 90% RH (no condensation)
Power 3x AA 1.5 VDC alkaline battery (included)
Low battery indication YES
Test / Reset button
Peak level memory YES
Mounting Wall/ceiling/standalone
Warranty 7 years
Temperature range           0°C…+40°C (operation),
-10°C…+60°C (storage/transport)
Weight (with battery) 160 g
Dimensions 118 x 70 x 40 mm


Nazwa 5DCO
Kod towaru G9985
Rodzaj czujnika Czujnik tlenku węgla
Czujnik autonomiczny TAK
Rodzaj sensora Elektrochemiczny
Sygnalizacja optyczna Dioda LED, wyświetlacz LCD
Sygnalizacja akustyczna 85 dB
Wilgotność powietrza  do 90% RH, bez kondensacji
Zasilanie 3 baterie alkaiczne 1,5V-AA (w zstawie)
Sygnalizacja słabych baterii TAK
Przycisk Test/Reset TAK
Pamięć wartości szczytowych TAK
Sposób montażu Na ścianie lub jako jednostka wolnostojąca
Okres gwarancji 7 lat
Zakres temperatur           +0…+40°C praca
-10…+60°C transport i składowanie
Waga (z bateriami) 160g
Wymiary 118 x 70 x 40mm