Cat 6 U/UTP cable: NETSET BOX U/UTP outdoor PE (gel-filled) Fca flammability class /1m/



Note: The maximum order length of the cable section is 500 m.
NETSET BOX U/UTP PE cat. 6 gel filled E1611 is the finest-quality twisted pair cable designed for professional data transmission systems inside buildings. The outer sheath is made of polyethylene (PE) resistant to UV radiation and humidity. The center is filled with gel, which prevents longitudinal penetration of water in the cable. The cable is designed for buried installation in cable ducts.
The outer diameter of the NETSET U/UTP Cat. 6 cable has been reduced to 6.1 mm, which considerably facilitates laying of the cable in ducts and pipes. The insulation of the wires has been made of special PE, to make it easier to crimp RJ-45 connectors onto the cable.
Distinguishing features of NETSET BOX U/UTP PE Cat. 6 cable:
  • top quality materials, made to tight specifications, proven with a 5-year quality guarantee,
  • preliminary quality control of materials and thorough tests of the finished product,
  • meter markers,
  • 500 m spool,
  • cooper solid wires diameter 0.565 mm,
  • insulation of conductors made of insulating dyed LDPE, conductor diameter: 1.12 mm, insulation colors: white-green/green, white-orange/orange, white-brown/brown, white-blue/blue,
  • cable sheath made of black PE, outer diameter 7.1 mm,
  • length marker print error max. 0.5%
  • twisted pairs with gel-filled centre.
The NETSET U/FTP cat. 6 E1611 twisted pair cable has been manufactured in accordance with the standards:
The cable comes with a 15-year warranty
The manufacturer guarantees the stability of parameters for at least 15 years, on the condition that the cable is packed, transported, installed, and used according to adequate European standards (among others E-79100 and EN 50174-1), within the permissible environmental conditions.
The NETSET BOX U/UTP PE cat. 6 twisted pair cable E1611 can be used in ambient temperature from -20oC to +50oC. Installation temperature range from -30oC to +50oC.
NETSET BOX U/ UTP PE cat. 6 gel-filled cable exceeds by far the requirements for category 6 twisted pair cables.


Product type twisted-pair cable
Manufacturer DIPOL
Cable type U/UTP
Applications Outdoor
Category 6
Cable length m Sold per meter
CPR class FCA
Physical properties
Conductor Material Cooper
Diameter mm 0,565
Conductor insulation Material HDPE (polyethylene)
Diameter mm 1,12
Twisted pairs colors white-brown/brown, white-blue/blue, white-orange/orange, white-green/green
sheath Material LDPE
thickness mm 0,6
Color RAL9005 (black)
Gel filled Yes
Carrier cable No
Rip-cord Yes
Spline Yes
Length marker print error % <0.5
Electrical parameters
Impedance Ohm 100
Nominal Velocity of Propagation NVP % 74
Delay skew ns/100 m <45
DC resistance Ohm/100 m 9,5
Resistance asymmetry % <5
Return Loss 1 MHz ≥dB 19
Loss 1 MHz ≤dB 3
4 MHz ≤dB 3,78
250 MHz ≤dB 31,1
NEXT (near-end crosstalk) 1 MHz ≤dB 65,3
PSNEXT (power sum near-end crosstalk) 1 MHz ≥dB 62,3
20 MHz ≥dB 52,8
Mechanical properties
Installation temperature °C -30...+50
Minimum bending radius for indoor installation Diameter >8