CCTV Cable: XAP 75-0.59/3.7+2x1.0 [200m] (90% braid coverage, gel-filled, 2 power wires up to 230VAC)

Code: M6103_200
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CCTV cable: CAMSET solo 75-0.59/3.7<br />(92% braid coverage) [1m]
View of the cable coil (200m)
Selling units:
100 meters: M6103_100,
200 meters: M6103_200.
M6103 XAP 75-0.59/3.7+2x1 CCTV combined cable integrates coaxial (75 ohm) and power parts (2 x 1 mm2, up to 230 VAC). The cable is intended mainly for outdoor CCTV systems.
CCTV cable: CAMSET solo 75-0.59/3.7<br />(92% braid coverage) [1m]
Close-up of the cable
The cable consists of coaxial part (75-0.59/3.7, with characteristic impedance of 75 ohm) for video transmission and two insulated (PVC) stranded copper wires of 1.0 mm2 intersection (each wire) for powering cameras. Thanks to the outer sheath made of polyethylene (PE), the cable can be used outdoors. Additionally, the gel inside the sheath prevents moisture intrusion problems.
Name XAP 75-0.59/3.7+2x1
Code M6103
Impedance of coaxial cable [Ω] 75 +/-3
Capacitance of coaxial cable [pF/m] 67 +/-3
Operating temperature [oC] -30 ... +70
Installation temperature [oC] 0 ... +50

Minimum bending radius [radius to diameter ratio]

> 10
Weight (200 m) [kg] 17
Remarks Meter marking
Coaxial part
Core Cu. diam. 0.59 mm
PE. diam. 3.7 mm
Shielding (braid)
Cu. 90% coverage. ext. diam. 4.4 mm
Sheath PE + gel. ext. diam. 6 mm
Power part
Number of wires
Conductor cross section [mm2] 1.0
Resistance at 20oC [Ω/km] <22.7
Sheath PE + gel. ext. diam. 5.7 mm
Price for 200m