CCTV Cable: YAP 75-0.59/3.7+2x1.0 [1 m]
(90% braid coverage, 2 power wires up to 230VAC)

Code: M6100_1
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CCTV Cable: YAP 75-0.59/3.7+2x1.0 [1 m]<br />(90% braid coverage, 2 power wires up to 230VAC)
Close-up of the cable

The cable is also sold in the quantities:
100m M6100_100,
200m M6100_200,
400m M6100_400.
M6100 YAP 75-0.59/3.7+2x1.0 is 75 ohm coaxial cable integrated with two power wires, used mainly in CCTV installations.
Structure of the cable

Structure of the cable: coaxial cable 75-0.59/3.7 (75 ohm impedance), and two stranded copper conductors of 1mm² cross-section, PVC sheath.
Name YAP 75-0.59/3.7+2x1.0
Code M6100
Impedance of coaxial cable [Ω] 75+/-3
Capacitance of coaxial cable [pF/m] 67+/-3
Operating temperature [oC] -30 ... +70
Installation temperature [oC] 0 ... +50

Minimum bending radius [radius to diameter ratio]

Weight [kg/m] 0.1
Remarks Meter marking
Coaxial cable
Core copper. diam. 0.59 mm
Screen Cu braid. 90% coverage. diameter 4.4 mm
Sheath PVC. diam. 6 mm
Dielectric diameter [mm] 3.7
Power cable
Number of wires
Conductor cross section [mm2] 1.0
Resistance at 20oC [Ω/km] <22.7
Sheath PVC. diam. 5.7 mm
Price for 1m