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Video Monitoring

Monitoring of Premises

CCTV system for a small store/shop
The number of burglaries and cases of shoplifting still increases, what makes owners of stores take appropriate security measures for elimination or at least reduction of this kind of crime.
Observation of people, goods, cash - connected with the need for face recognition, banknote identification etc. - requires application of high resolution color cameras, which provide additional means of recognition due to perceiving mechanisms of the human eye. In the case of poor lighting conditions (outdoor environment and rooms after switching off the light), the cameras should be able to cooperate with IR illuminators.
CCTV Network DVR: HIKVISION DS-7104HWI-SH (4xWD1@25fps, H.264, HDMI, VGA)
Diagram of a surveillance system in a small store

The outdoor camera monitors the store front and entrance. Owing to the need of round-the-clock observation, it should be a camera with IR illuminator, e.g. Sunell SN-IRC4920AJ M11245.
Compact Outdoor Camera: n-cam 210 (420 TVL, Sony Super HAD II, 0.01 lx, 6mm, IR 30m)
Compact cameras of this type are comparatively cheap and do not need additional outdoor housings. In more demanding situations, when one requires high quality images, the good choice is a day/night camera, e.g. U-CAM 630 M11192 ...
Day/Night Box Camera: u-cam 595 (550TVL, Sony EXView CCD, 0.01 lx)
cooperating with a special lens equipped with automatic iris e.g. M2136.
CCTV Lens: JENSEN 2.8 - 12 mm DC IR F1.4
Application of the lens allows proper operation in extremely hard lighting conditions, from direct sunlight to almost complete darkness. Additionally, AI lens ensures that the images from the camera will not be overexposed by strong lights (headlights of cars, flashing neon lights etc.) falling directly or reflected from windowpanes or other objects.
For outdoor operation, this kind of cameras has to be provided with outdoor housings with heaters
Outdoor Camera Housing: Marathon MH-805/12 (slide-type)
Camera Bracket: Marathon MH-605 (for outdoor housings)
e.g. TH-847 M5405
and suitable mounts - TB-647 M5140.
The three or four remaining cameras are indoor. The first of them has been mounted in the storeroom/back-up facility and directed to the main door. Other cameras are used for watching the store interior, however one of them, e.g. dome camera is equipped with wide angle lens (prospect view of whole shopping area) and another one watches the the cash desk and the area of direct customer service.
There may be used standard box color cameras
Day/Night Box Camera: u-cam 575 (550TVL, CCD Sony Super HAD, 0.01 lx)
CCTV Lens: JENSEN 3.5 - 8 mm M F1.4
e.g. U-CAM 585 M11182
with M2230 lens
or dome-type
Ceiling Dome Camera: CAM 622 (600 TVL, Sony Super HAD II CCD, 0.1 lx, 3.6mm) - CLEARANCE SALE!
Ceiling Dome Camera: CX-412D (420TVL, Sony Super HAD CCD, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
V-CAM 450 (vandal proof) M10749
or CAM 502 M10737.
Dome cameras usually have wide viewing angle. In places where the field of observation has to be narrowed for more detailed inspection, the original lens should be changed for the suitable one (first of all, when choosing a camera, one should pay attention to the specifications and possibility of exchanging the lens, or use a model with varifocal lens).
Professional CCTV monitor SAMSUNG SMT-1922P M3019 is designed for continuous operation in both analog and digital video monitoring systems. Its modern TFT-LCD screen is protected by vandal resistant tempered glass. Monitors of this series can also be used for PCs - in places or for applications that require high durability and vandal-proof protection.
Professional CCTV Monitor: SAMSUNG SMT-1922 (19
19" high quality professional CCTV monitor SAMSUNG SMT-1922P M3019
Digital video recorders. The advantage of a DVR over a PC-based system is full autonomy - the standalone device has own operating system that does not cause any problems and ensures stable operation. It is based on a powerful processor that allows simultaneous viewing of live video, video recording and playback. The recording can be performed on a continuous basis, or triggered by motion detection (only when there is motion in front of the camera) or alarm signals from external sensors. Thanks to overwriting option the system based on a DVR can be virtually maintenance-free.
From a great number of stand-alone DVRs, TREND M72504 has probably the best quality/price ratio for applications in the smallest stores. The users who wish to have remote control and supervision via the Internet should employ a DVR with network interface, e.g. HIKVISION DS-7204HVI-ST/E M71041 (allowing for easy expansion of the system in the future), or a budget 4-ch DVR ATU M71000.
In the case of a larger store space it is better to use a DVR having a greater number of inputs, 8 or 16. The models below are network DVRs:
Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8108HFI-S H.264 (8-ch.)
Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8116HFI-S H.264 (16-ch.)
Each of them has alarm connector to notify the surveillance center about motion detection or other event that triggered an alarm.
Built-in image motion detection circuit is especially useful when the movement within monitored area occurs sporadically. It restricts recording of video material to situations when something is happening, saving disc space and the time needed for reviewing the material.
Possibility of enriching the system with remote monitoring from any place makes the surveillance job much easier and allows for:
  • quick access to the video in the case of an alarm,
  • lower operational costs due to reduction of traveling expenses,
  • better comfort of operation.
CCTV network DVR SIGNAL DL-8308 M78308
CCTV Network DVR: SIGNAL DL-8308 (H.264, 8ch-4CIF-25fps, HDMI) - CLEARANCE SALE!
CCTV network DVR SIGNAL DL-8316 M78316
CCTV Network DVR: SIGNAL DL-8316 (16ch-4CIF-25fps, H.264, HDMI) - CLEARANCE SALE!
While designing a surveillance system, one ought to remember the fundamental principle: existence of the system should be visible but its active elements should not have been easily identified (so it is worth to apply additional dummy and hidden cameras).
More about problems related with installation of cameras, power supplying, cables etc. you can find out in our Internet CCTV Guide.
Interviews with shop owners show that after installation of video surveillance systems the number of thefts considerably decreases. The systems have also positive influence on quality of service for customers
and settlement of contentious issues and conflict situations between customers and salesclerks.