CCTV Video Surge Protector OPV-4

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Video Surge Protector OPV-1
View of the device

Video Surge Protector OPV-1
Rear view

Statistics show that about 25 percent of damages of electronic equipment are caused by overvoltages induced out of electromagnetic field during close lightning strikes. Video Surge Protector OPV-4 effectively protects 4 video lines, carrying away the stroke current to the ground. This way the excessive voltage is strongly limited and does not harm the video appliances. The device does not affect video signal quality and does not need any power supply.




Threshold voltage

> 2.4 V

Maximum stroke current (8/20uS)

5 kA

Level of protection by 1000 V/uS:

700 V

Through loss

0.3 dB

Resistance at 1 V

> 20 Gohm

Reaction time

6.25 ns


57 pF


0-160 MHz


indirect, via gas spark arrester
 and grounding bolt

Input connector

BNC socket

Output connector

BNC plug


160 g


117x30x80 mm

Working temperature

 -20 to 50 oC

ATTENTION! Before installation please read the following instructions:
  • OPV-4 is not symmetrical - the protected appliances must be connected to output (WY) BNC connectors. The inputs (LINIA...) have to be connected to the transmitting lines.
  • Any installation work cannot be performed during a thunderstorm.
  • OPV-4 requires good quality grounding installation.
  • The protector should be placed as near as possible to the guarded equipment.
This connection of OPV-4 allows to protect monitors or other devices (e.g. digital recorders)

Installation diagram allowing to fully protect against overvoltages all equipment connected to video lines