CeBIT 2006 - mobile multimedia communication

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In Hanover there has just ended the twentieth anniversary CeBIT fair. This year's event was attended by 6262 exhibitors, similarly to last  year (6270).
The stands were much more modest than in the good old years, and the number of  visitors dropped by 6% compared to last year (but the weather was not entirely blameless).
In any case, 450 000 guests visited the exhibition. The organizer considers the fair as a success, especially in the business respect, due to a 20% increase in the number of contracts in comparison to last year.
Companies from 70 countries had their stands. The top of the statistics:

  • 3000 from Germany
  • 711 from Taiwan
  • 411 from China
  • 229 from South Korea
  • 189 from Great Britain
  • 189 from U.S.

What drives the giant telecoms to despair, the VoIP,  has strengthened its position since last year. A new challenge has emerged, this time for cellular operators - mobile phones combining GSM and WiFi systems. After losing the range of WiFi, they switch to GSM. A turning point in marketing of the technology will be starting up by Deutsche Telekom and Avaya experimental network enabling to use mobiles in IP network during coming soccer World Cup. The mobile phones supporting that technology are presented by Nokia, Netgear, and other companies.
In the range of consumer electronics, it has been seen expansion in the market of MPEG-4 players.

An increasing number of firms offer MIMO devices. The picture shows MIMO card WMP54GX of Linksys. Access Points using MIMO technology and 240 Mbps throughput have been also presented by  Netgear company - RangeMax 240

Samsung intensely promoted its new mobiles SGH-Z560, allowing for quick transmission towards the devices. There is campaign of HSDPA in the air, the technology being modification of UMTS, thus called GSM 3.5 G. It may turn out  that in many applications this service may fill in for the long-awaited WiMAX networks. There is expected wide offer of phones, PDAs, and wireless cards supporting HSDPA technology.

Compared with last CeBIT, a lot more firms marketed anti-virus, firewall, anti-spy and anti-Trojan   software. As an example - Webroot offering Spy Sweeper software pack, uncovering spy programs and root-kits. To make the stand with software more interesting for the prospective customers,
the robots had to compete in "sport" contest...

Pioneer and JVC showed an interesting version of DVD discs - the disc is divided into two parts, the inner area is DVD-ROM and the outside -  DVD-RW.

Korea Network System presented antennas designed for use on ships, with 3D positioning allowing for automatic correction to keep stable direction independent from movement of the ship, including lists. Only one coaxial cable is required to power and control the camera.

Tyan was one of companies offering multi-processor (with 2, 4 and even 8 processors)
mother boards, e.g. Transport TA26B3892

Flash memory cards are on the top, there are available CF and SD cards of 8 and 16 GB capacity. There were countless producers and dealers of Flash USB cards; the picture shows cards of Patriot

Samsung can say about bad luck, as being probably the most innovative firm on the fair, has lost by a short head victory in the competition for biggest plasma television. The winner is the 103-inch (261cm!!!) TV made by Panasonic. Samsung has presented "only" 102-inch screen!
LCD panels were represented in a smaller number than last year, when their manufacturers took up a whole pavilion. This year there were only big, well recognized corporations,
the rest had quitted the battlefield.

With the growth of DVB-T and DVB-H there is a need of using specialized measuring equipment - the leader in the field of measurements of transmission parameters is Rhode&Schwarz

Among IP CCTV cameras - ACTi products, arousing great interest of the visitors

At Comarch stand the visitors could taste Polish cuisine and win sightseeing tour to Krakow

The dreams of half of the mankind come true - it is possible to talk at will in the tub - with
water-resistant phones. The end of civilization?

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