Channel amplifier CAD-824 4xVHF/UHF+FM ALCAD

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ALCAD's CAD-824 programmable multiband channel amplifier is designed for SMATV antenna systems for receiving DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television.
• Amplifier dedicated for SMATV antenna systems
• 4 VHF+UHF inputs, 1 FM input
• Auto-configuration function
• DC feeding for preamplifiers 12 - 24 V
• High selectivity with 32 filters
• High gain with AGC
• Converter function
• Excellent output signal quality
• Easy installation and configuration


2-year warranty.



ALCAD's CAD-824 programmable multiband channel amplifier is designed for SMATV antenna systems for reception of DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television in multi-family buildings, residences, hotels, boarding houses, holiday homes, schools, hospitals, etc.
The amplifier is dedicated to difficult reception conditions with signals of various levels, transmitted from several directions. The amplifier has 4 programmable inputs for the VHF band (174-240 MHz)/UHF band (470-694/862 MHz), 1 input for the FM band (40-108 MHz) enabling 32 channel paths. The amplifier enables the reception, equalization and amplification of those signals. The automatic gain control system equalizes the signal level for all channels regardless of their level at the device input (while maintaining the minimum required for proper signal quality). The installer can freely configure the VHF/UHF inputs and optimize the individual channel levels at the installation site to ensure high-quality picture on the TV screen. The CAD-824 ALCAD channel amplifier can be used independently - as part of a multiswitch system or as part of a headend (AiZ).
The auto-configuration function enables automatic search for all DVB-T2 digital multiplexes above the specified minimum signal level. The default value is 55 dBμV.
Key features:
  • amplifier dedicated to SMATV systems
  • 4 VHF+UHF inputs, 1 FM input
  • auto-configuration function
  • high selectivity with 32 filters
  • DC feeding for preamplifiers 12 - 24 V (max. 4 inputs)
  • high gain with AGC
  • converter function
  • high selectivity >35 dB
  • input port isolation > 30 dB
  • LTE signal attenuation (4G band > 790MHz, 5G band > 694 MHz)
  • excellent output signal quality
  • easy installation and configuration
The CAD-824 ALCAD has a converter function that transforms any channel in the VHF/UHF band to another in the VHF/UHF band.
The device provides an optimum signal level at the output adjustable in the range of 95..115 dBµV. Each DVB-T2 signal can be adjusted independently in terms of input and output frequency, as well as output level. In addition, the input power level at selected frequencies (dynamic measurement) can be read out.
A built-in filter for LTE signals enables elimination of unwanted signals in the 4G (790 MHz) and 5G (694 MHz) band for data transmission services (LTE).


Product type Channel amplifier
Name CAD-824
RF input number 5
No. of MUXes supported 32
Operating band 4 × VHF/UHF+FM
Applications Indoor
standard DVB-T/T2
AGC function Yes
Selectivity dB >35
Specyfikacja techniczna
FM input Frequency range MHz 40...108
Gain control dB 30
Max. Input level dBµV 40...100
Impedance Ohm 75
VHF/UHF input Frequency range MHz 174...230, 470...694/790/862
Gain dB 80
Gain control dB 50
Max. Input level dBµV 40...100
Preamplifier power supply V/A 12-24/0,2 (max 4 wejścia)
RF output Signal strength dBµV 95...115
Impedance Ohm 75
Noise ratio dB <6
Configuration display + buttons
Ultra selective SAW filter Yes
LTE reject filter LTE 700, LTE 800
Built-in power supply AC 100...240
Power consumption W 11
Channel conversion Yes
Operating temperature °C -10...+60
Dimensions mm 215 × 219 × 45