Coaxial Cable (75 ohm): RG-6 Cu PE (gel-filled) Fca [200m]



High quality 75 ohm coaxial cable for individual and shared TV/SAT antenna systems, recommended also for outdoor applications. Suitable for distributing terrestrial DVB-T, DAB, FM broadcasts and satellite channels, also in multiswitch systems (SMATV).
Due to PE sheath the cable is UV-resistant, so is recommended for outdoor applications (antenna leads). E1231 has additional protection against humidity/water - the space between braided screen and sheath is filled with a special gel.
The structure of the cable
DIPOLNET cables are compliant with Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and EN 50575 harmonized European standard that specifies reaction to fire performance requirements, test and assessment methods for electric cables used for the supply of electricity and for control and communication purposes, which are intended for use in construction works and subject to performance requirements on reaction to fire.
DIPOLNET RG-6 Cu E1231 cable with 77% braid coverage complies with A class requirements for screening efficiency in the whole range of DVB-T and DVB-S/S2 (174-3000 MHz).
With high quality, good electrical and mechanical parameters, the E1231 cable enjoys continued popularity among many installers. Optimal flexibility of the jacket allows for easy installation of the cable both in cable shafts and installation boxes.
The cable is sold in the quantities:
100m E1231_100,
200m E1231_200.
Frequency [MHz] Attenuation [dB/100m]
5 1.84
55 5.05
211 8.91
350 11.39
450 13.00
550 14.50
750 17.19
870 18.66
1000 20.17
1450 24.74
2050 29.88
2250 31.46
3000 36.94
Attenuation versus frequency
Smith chart showing the impedance of the cable.
The measurements were taken at two ends of 100 m cable length.
Deviations from the nominal value of 75 Ω not exceeding 1%
ensure perfect impedance matching in the transmission path.
Characteristics of the cable: BLUE - attenuation, RED - return loss.
Price for 200m


Product type Coaxial cable
type RG-6 PE
Cable length m 200
Applications Outdoor
Cable class RG-6
CPR class FCA
Gel-filled cable Yes
Physical properties
Impedance Ohm 75
Screening efficiency class B
Conductor Material Coper
Diameter mm 1,00
Dielectric foaming Physical
Diameter mm 4,76
No. of plies 2
First foil bonded to dielectric NIE
Material Al/PET
Braid Material Aluminium
wire diameter mm 0,12
no. of wires pcs. 16 × 8
braid coverage % 77
sheath Material PE
Diameter mm 6,92
Color Black
Electrical parameters
Resistance at 20°C Ω/km 32.12 (shield) 21.91 (conductor)
capacity pF/m 50
Wave reduction factor % 85,5
Mechanical properties
Operating temperature °C -20...+70
Installation temperature °C -10...+40
Minimum bending radius mm 70