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Color CCTV Camera: n-cam 480 + IR
Code: M11242
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n-cam 480 is high quality compact outdoor camera (with lens and IR lamp), guarantying high parameters of the images: resolution - 480TVL, very good sensitivity - 0.8 lx, and long range of operation at night - up to 80m (due to powerful IR illuminator).
Color CCTV Camera: n-cam 480 + IR
View of the camera

Color CCTV Camera: n-cam 480 + IR
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n-cam 480



Image sensor

1/3” CCD Sony Super HAD

Physical resolution

500x582 pixels


day: 0.8lx (IR OFF)
night: 0 lx (IR ON)


12 mm F 2.0

IR range

80 m. 35 deg

S/N ratio

48 dB

Image resolution

480 TVL

Video level

1 Vpp / 75 ohm









Backlight compensation


Electronic shutter

1/100000 s

Working temperature

-10 to + 50 deg C


diam. 100.0 x 138 mm


DC 12V. 800 mA

The camera can operate in any lighting conditions. During the day it provides color images, at night (below 0.8 lx) it switches on IR lamp. The IR illuminator consists of 8 special diodes (they are very effective, with low power loss). Use of the special diodes allows stable work of this watertight camera (IP66) - there is no problem with excessive heat, despite such powerful IR illuminator.
The aluminum housing of the camera ensures good protection against any weather conditions. The rainshield also protects the camera against excessive sunlight. Inside the camera there are thermostat and heater - they ensure proper operation in the case of low temperatures (quick changes of temperature, mainly in the morning and evening may be the reason for mist on the lens - the common problem of compact cameras without a heater).
Narrow viewing angle (23 degrees with 1/3" sensor) and specially designed IR illuminator enable the user to watch distant objects. As an example - from a distance of 15 meters the monitor will show 6m wide area. (Typical cameras with 3,6mm lens show then ca 20m wide area - with such wide angle of viewing there is no chance to identify details of objects, including faces of people.)
The characteristics of n-cam 480 makes it suitable for monitoring quite distance objects, e.g. gateways, with the camera situated on the building.
High-quality images of distant objects are produced not only due to narrow field of view, but also thanks to advanced Sony Super HAD image sensor, with resolution of 480TVL. The camera provides true colors and ensures color images practically till nightfall - due to great sensitivity of the sensor.
The camera has been equipped with leads terminated with standard connectors: video - BNC, power - 2.1/5.5 socket. Such solution enables quick and simple mounting.
This model is a complement to the very popular n-cam 115 M11234 (6mm lens and less powerful IR lamp) that is usually used in one-family houses.
Withdrawn from the offer
Color CCTV Camera: n-cam 480 + IR
Code: M11242