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Color CCTV Camera: U-cam 110 (box, 420 TVL, Sony Super HAD CCD, 0.8 lx)
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U-cam 110 is the most popular color CCTV camera. Due to SONY Super HAD image sensor on board, with 420 TVL resolution and high sensitivity, it is a clear category winner.

Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
View of the camera

Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
Rear view

Ceiling Dome Camera CAM 082 (420TVL, Sharp, 0.5 lx, 3.6mm)
The included accessories



U-Cam 110



Image sensor

1/3” SONY Super HAD CCD

Sensor resolution

510x492 pixels


0.8 lx /F1.2 (AGC ON)

Horizontal resolution

420 TVL

AI control


S/N ratio

>48dB (AGC OFF)

Electronic shutter

1/50 - 1/100000 [s]

Output video level

1 Vpp / 75 ohm


internal or external



Gamma correction


White balance

automatic / manual



Backlight compensation


Mirror function




Weight 0.42 kg
Sharp edges, true colors and good parameters (sensitivity: 0.8 lx, video resolution: 420TVL) are the main features of the U-Cam 110 camera. It is probably the most popular camera in currently built CCTV systems, especially that the camera may be used indoors and outdoors. Comparative tests show even better sensitivity than declared by the manufacturer.
The camera ensures control of DC Auto Iris lens. LEVEL knob allows adjustment of the iris. Use of AI lens allows application of the camera in extremely variable lighting conditions.
The camera has been also equipped with electronic shutter and automatic backlight compensation, which, in turn, in the case of low light changes, makes possible to use cheap lens without AI or with manually set iris.
The camera enables the installer/user to set number of options and parameters:
NORM/MIR (Mirror) - see below
BLC/OFF (Back Light Compensation - on/off)
EE/AI Electronic Shutter/Auto Iris
AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
LEVEL - brightness level (only for DC lens)
AUTO IRIS - 4-pin socket for connecting AI lens
VIDEO OUT - video out (1Vp-p, 75ohm)
12V DC IN - power connector
Mirror function implemented in the camera transforms the original image into mirror image (horizontally). It ensures clearer sense of direction in certain configurations, mainly in the case of rear-view solutions. For example, they are used on tracks (e.g. TIR), helping the driver to reverse the long vehicle.
Cameras with that function are also employed in vehicles of driving schools.
The function is also very useful in larger buildings, with long corridors and big number of doors. When, at one end of such corridor there is a staircase, and a big window at the other, the camera has to be placed above the window and face the staircase (the opposite direction would cause operation against the light). In case of emergency, mirror image helps the operator of the surveillance system to properly instruct other services (the police, fire brigade) how to reach the destination - it is enough to say e.g. "third floor, the first door on the left", as it is seen on the screen.
Withdrawn from the offer
Color CCTV Camera: U-cam 110 (box, 420 TVL, Sony Super HAD CCD, 0.8 lx)
Code: M1128