Compact Ceiling Bispectral IP Camera: Hikvision HeatPro DS-2TD2628-7/QA (thermal vision: 256 x 192, 6.9 mm + visible light: 4 MP, 6.4 mm)

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The DS-2TD2628-7/QA is an IP bispectral camera from Hikvision's HeatPro series that combines the benefits of traditional and thermal imaging surveillance.
• Bispectral camera: thermal imaging sensor and visible light sensor in one device
• Thermal imaging sensor resolution: 256 x 192 p
• Focal length: 6.9
• Image sensor resolution: 2688 x 1520 p
• Focal length: 6.4 mm
• Image fusion: thermal and visible light image overlay
• Intelligent VCA analysis based on object classification (line crossing, trespassing, zone entry and exit)
• Temperature measurement
• Fire detection
• H.265/H.264/MJPEG compression
• Even night illumination with EXIR 2.0 technology: IR up to 30 m
• Supported microSD cards up to 256 GB
• Image functions: 3D-DNR, WDR(120dB)
• Thermal image processing: AGC, DDE, 3D-DNR, NETD < 40 mK (25°) @ F1.0
• Supports dual streams
• Additional connectors: alarm I/O, audio
• Anti-Rotation (ANR) function
• Application for PC iVMS-4200 and smartphone Hik-Connect (Andriod, iOS)
• Access via P2P cloud
• Protection rating: IP67
• 12 VDC or PoE (802.3af) power supply


3-year warranty.



The DS-2TD2628-7/QA is an IP bispectral camera from Hikvision's HeatPro series that combines the benefits of traditional and thermal imaging surveillance. It has with two image sensors, the first CMOS for visible light with a resolution of 2688 x 1520 px, the second, thermal imaging sensor with a resolution of 256 x 192 px. The camera can create image fusion, i.e. combine a visible image with an infrared image to achieve a quality thermal presentation. The VCA analytics working with the built-in GPU graphics processor and deep learning algorithm allows for effective intruder detection and reduction of false alarms. Temperature measurement and fire detection allow it to be used in more advanced projects. The camera is equipped with a microSD card slot allowing the use of cards up to 256GB. The IP67 rated housing protects the inside electronic components from adverse weather conditions. The camera can be powered conventionally with 12 VDC or through PoE (compliant with the 802.802.3af standard).
NOTE! The current software version is available
Key features:
  • bispectral camera: thermal imaging sensor and visible light sensor in one device,
  • thermal imaging sensor resolution: 256 x 192 p,
  • focal length: 6.9
  • image sensor resolution: 2688 x 1520 p,
  • focal length: 6.4 mm,
  • image fusion: thermal and visible light image overlay,
  • intelligent VCA analysis based on object classification VCA (line crossing, trespassing, zone entry and exit),
  • temperature measurement,
  • fire detection,
  • compression H.265/H.264/MJPEG,
  • even night illumination with EXIR 2.0 technology: IR up to 30 m,
  • supported microSD cards up to 256 GB,
  • image functions: 3D-DNR, WDR(120dB),
  • thermal image processing: AGC, DDE, 3D-DNR, NETD < 40 mK (25°) @ F1,0,
  • supports dual streams,
  • additional connectors: alarm /O, audio
  • ANR function,
  • iVMS-4200 PC and smartphone Hik-Connect (Andriod, iOS) application,
  • acces via P2P cloud,
  • protection rating: IP67,
  • 12 VDC or PoE (802.3af) power supply.
Detection ranges
The following tables illustrate the detection ranges with the smart function and the ranges of detection, recognition and identification of a person or vehicle. The tables are given for reference only and the ranges may vary depending on the camera model.
Detection, recognition and human/vehicle identification range
1.4 x 4 m
1.8 x 0.5 m

1.4 x 4 m

1.8 x 0.5 m
1.4 x 4 m

1.8 x 0.5 m
881 m 287 m 220 m 36 m 110 m 36 m
Smart function detection range
1.4 x 4 m
1.8 x 0.5 m
Temp. measurement
0.2 x 0.2 m
Temp. measurement
1 x 1 m
Fire detection
0.2 x 0.2 m
144.9 m 55.2 m 23.3 m 116.7 m 82.2 m 10.35 m
VCA analytics, temperature measurement, fire detection
The DS-2TD1228-2/QA camera has VCA image analytics operating with a built-in GPU and deep learning algorithm. This combination allows it to be used effectively and minimize false alarms. There are 4 types of analysis available: line crossing, intrusion detection, zone entry and zone exit detection. A maximum of 8 rules can be run at the same time. Temperature measurement is possible in the range of -20°C to +150°C with an accuracy of +/-8°C. There are 3 types of measurement available: point, area, line. A maximum of 21 rules can be set, consisting of 10 points, 10 areas and 1 line. In the case of fire detection, up to 10 points of the fire source can be dynamically detected.
Principle of operation and advantages of thermal imaging
A thermal imaging camera is a perfect complement to visual monitoring in the reflected visible light and near-infrared radiation. Analog or IP cameras used in video monitoring enable correct identification and recognition of people during the day and at night with the use of infrared illuminators. A thermal imaging camera does not need any lighting for proper operation. Its operating principle is completely different than in the case of traditional cameras. Any body with a temperature above absolute zero (0 K = -273.15°C) emits infrared radiation. Due to the existing relationship between the temperature and radiation intensity, a thermal imaging camera, receiving the far-infrared radiation, calculates temperature values based on the wavelengths of the radiation. So, a thermal imaging camera can show the temperature distribution on the surface of the examined body and measure the temperature values.
Examples of application of thermal imaging
  • intrusion detection even in bad weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, dust),
  • inspection of electric lines/cables, transformer and switching stations (detection of improper contacts, overloaded fuses, cables and transmission lines, overheated transformers),
  • tank level monitoring - the temperature distribution shown on the image from a thermal camera can be used to estimate the fill level of closed containers,
  • machinery - detection of overloaded elements, bad cooling, increased friction; diagnostics of engines, bearings, gears, belts, shafts, gearboxes, pumps, compressors, blowers etc.,
  • perimeter control with the VCA,
  • support for traditional video surveillance systems,
  • landfills,
  • border crossings,
  • prisons,
  • factories,
  • fire detection,
  • warehouses, stores, etc.
H.265 compression
Compression is a very important parameter proving the device advancement. The better the compression, the lower the bandwidth requirement with the same subjective quality. H.265 (HEVC - High Efficiency Video Coding) is currently the most efficient compression method. Compared to its predecessor (H.264), it reduces the data stream and the demand for disk capacity by half. Therefore, hard drives with a halved capacity can be used, or recordings can be stored for twice as long.
Compression efficiency comparison of H.264, H.265
iVMS-4200 client software
iVMS-4200 is client software dedicated to the management and supervision of Hikvision security systems, such as DVRs (IP, TurboHD), video intercoms, access control, set-top boxes, etc. The software allows you to easily and conveniently monitor all systems by offering viewing from IP cameras, remote playback of recordings, remote configuration, handling of alarm events, two-way audio transmission, e-map support, recording to a HDD and many more.
Login page of the iVMS-4200 (v3) client software
Access via P2P cloud - Hik-Connect application
A mobile application Hik-Connect is dedicated to operate Hikvision devices using cell phones with the operating system Android or iOS. It can be used to remotely view live video from DVR, NVR, network cameras, video intercoms using Wi-Fi, 2G or 3G networks as well as to view recorded video. Video intercoms can be operated with the application which additionally allows for remote opening of electric doors, receiving notifications and transferring calls from the entrance panel to the phone in the absence of the resident. The application supports connectivity via IP and the P2P cloud. Hik-Connect is also the name of a cloud-based service that allows access to devices in the absence of an external IP address.

Continuity of recordings guaranteed thanks to the ANR function
Extensive applications for the organization and use of CCTV systems
Our library provides an overview of applications dedicated for installers and users of monitoring systems based on Hikvision devices.
The main window of the SADP software
SADP (Search Active Device Protocol) is a free, easy-to-use utility designed to search for Hikvision IP cameras and DVRs/NVRs in the local network. The network device search tool can also be used to modify device network parameters, e.g. to change or recover default passwords. Detailed information on the software, its use and password recovery (par. 8) can be found in the following article: SADP application - LAN tool for organizing CCTV systems based on Hikvision devices.


Model DS-2TD1228-2/QA
Product type IP camera
Brand Hikvision
Series HeatPro
type Standard
Applications Outdoor
Housing Turret
Adjustment 3-axis
Color White
Reset button Yes
Moduł termowizyjny
Sensor type VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
Effective pixels px 256 × 192
Image output resolution px 1280 × 720
Pixel spacing μm 12
Spectral range μm 8-14
Thermal distinguishability (NETD) MK <40 (25°C), F#=1.1
Focal length mm 2,1
Viewing angle horizontal ° 90
Spatial resolution IFOV mrad 5,71
Aperture F1,0
Moduł optyczny i obraz
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor size 1/2.7
Sensitivity (color mode) lx 0.0176 @ (F2,.25, AGC ON)
Aperture F2,25
Shutter speed S 1 – 1/100000
Lens type Fixed
Focal length mm 2,2
Viewing angle horizontal ° 117,8
Main stream max. resolution px 2688 × 1520
max. resolution fps 25
WDR dB 120
Day/night mode Yes (ICR)
IR Range m 15
wavelength nm 850
Video compression
Compression methods H.265, H.264, MJPEG
No. of streams 2
Data recording
microSD slot Yes
Recording types MicroSD (max. 256 GB)
ANR function Yes
Audio support Yes
Compression method G.711, G.722.1, G.726, MP2L2, PCM
Intelligent image analysis (Deep Learning algorithm)
Human, vehicle classification Intrusion, Line crossing, Entering the area, Exiting the area
Temperature measurement 3 types (point, area, line), 21 rules (10 points, 10 areas, 1 line)
Measurement range °C -20...+150
Measurement accuracy °C +/-8
Standards Onvif (S,G profile), ISAPI, SDK
Live view 20 simultaneous channels
Users up to 32 (3 access levels: Administrator, Operator, User)
Client applications iVMS-4200, Hik-Connect
Supported browsers IE11, Chrome 57,0+, Firefox 52,0+
Ethernet 1 × RJ-45 10/100 MBps
RS-485 Yes
Alarm in/out Yes
Alarm Input 1 (0-5 V/DC)
Output 1
Audio Built-in microphone No
Built in speaker No
Input Yes
Output Yes
Power supply PoE V 36-57 (802.3af)
PoE A 0.14 – 0.22
PoE W max. 6,5
DC V 12
DC A +/-0.5
DC W 6
Housing material Metal
Protection rating IP66
Operating temperature °C -40...+65
Humidity % 95 or less (non-condensing)
Camera dimensions mm 138 × 138 × 123
Weight kg 1,5