Compact DVB-S/S2 to DVB-C Headend: Terra S2C16



The compact digital headend Terra S2C16 S2C16 R81620 is a 16-channel transmodulator with DVB-S/S2 (8PSK/QPSK) input and DVB-C (QAM) output. The device is designed for transmodulation of FTA channels.
Each of the 16 transmodulators of the S2C16 R81620 headend receives signals from a whole satellite transponder (several to over ten TV channels) and forms the corresponding DVB-C multiplex. In total, the headend can distribute 16 DVB-C multiplexes that can be received by televisions equipped with DVB-C tuners or connected via DVB-C STBs. The TV channels received from a transponder can be freely filtered - the only requirement is not to exceed the maximum output bit rate.
The headends can be connected in cascade, in order to receive and distribute a greater number of programming packages. The application of the headend(s) can be the optimal solution for distribution of TV programming in boarding houses, hotels, hospitals and other facilities where the use of separate satellite receivers connected to televisions would be too expensive and troublesome.
Additionally, the RF input can be used for combining DVB-T channels (COFDM).
Key features
  • transmodulation of DVB-S/S2 (8PSK/QPSK) signals into DVB-C (QAM) signals
  • 48-858 MHz RF loop allowing for combining DVB-T signals
  • for distribution of FTA channels
  • compact size
  • high flexibility and functionality
  • die-cast housing ensuring high screening efficiency
  • low power consumption


Product type Headend
Name s2c16
Conversion DVB-S/S2--->DVB-C
RF input Number of supported transponders 16
Number of F-connectors 6
Channels FTA (uncoded) Yes
Coded (CI slot) No
Specyfikacja techniczna
RF input Frequency range MHz 950...2150
Power supply/control 0/13/18 V & 22 kHz, DiSEqC for VL, HL, VH, HH; 13V, 18 V for Aux 1, Aux 2 max 250 mA
standard DVB-S/S2
Modulation QPSK, 8PSK
FEC 8PSK: 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10, QPSK: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10
Symbol rate Ms/s 2...31,5 for 8PSK, 2...45 for QPSK
Signal strength dBµV 45...85
Impedance Ohm 75
RF output standard DVB-C
Number of DVB-C MUXes 16
Modulation QAM16, QAM64, QAM128, QAM256
Frequency range MHz 48...858, step 100 kHz
Signal strength dBµV 90
Signal pos. adjustment dB 0...15 with step 0.5 dB
Impedance Ohm 75
MER dB >43
Channel bands MHz 4...8.3
Symbol rate Ms/s 3.5...7.2
RF output Bandwidth Mbps 16 × 53
RF combiner Frequency range MHz 47...862
Connector F
Loss dB 2,5
Configuration Port RJ-45 (web browser)
IP address
Remote No
Current drawn W 230 V 50/60 Hz, max 29
Operating temperature °C -10...+55
Weight kg 3,1
Dimensions mm 373 × 135 × 69